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  1. Hi Was wondering if anyone could help or point us in the right direction. My wife checked her credit file today and noticed that she had a CCJ issued on the 06th April this year at an address that we lived in over 5 years ago. It didn't give any details on the CCJ and after calling the courts she then found out that it was for a parking fine which wasn't paid about 5 years ago. We were aware of the unpaid fine but not aware of the CCJ until now. 5 years ago my wife had a job interview which didn't have onsite parking and the only result was to park in a private car park.
  2. awesome thanks Slick. Shall I send this to excercise4less or to Spratt?
  3. Hi Slick thank you for the welcome Sorry we joined the gym in Feb 15 and moved in May. My last payment was made in December and my wife's was in January.
  4. Yeah its a shame that I paid that but also a bigger shame that they are now trying to get another £400 off us. thanks I read through some of the threads. Im just going to ignore them
  5. Hi mate thanks for the reply and putting me in the right area Yeah we moved to another area which is about 10 miles out and couldn't really get there to be used. I just checked and I cancelled a month too soon. Im happy to pay them 9.99 for the final month but 200 is crazy. Il definitely have a read though the other threads. have these solicitors actually taken anymore to court
  6. Hi was wondering if anyone could help. Myself and my wife cancelled our DD in Feb this year. We moved last June but still kept paying but didn't use the gym. We made the mistake to cancel without informing the gym. We assumed that our memberships may have finished now I have received a letter from spratt endicott asking for £207 and will probably get another one soon for my wife. we are not really sure why its so much? shall I just call them to pay this? Thanks.
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