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  1. I am having issues with VF myself. I have contacted them on numerous occasions asking to lower my bill as I lost my job and couldn't stay true to my bill month on month. I was constantly fed with tomorrows in April I learned that I had a default on my file because I got turned down for full-time employment based on it. I have sent in an official written notice 4 weeks ago informing VF that I am ceasing the rights of VF to share my personal subject data on various grounds, my agreement is no longer in situ. I have received no response from VF within the required time-frame and have complained to ICO and Communication Ombudsman. During this time I have sent in another letter and received a response saying they will not remove the default off my file. I would like anyone's 2p on the situation. I am thinking whether I should or should not wait for ICO or Ombudsman to respond, but more importantly does anyone know if VF has an ability to refuse my official notice under DPA to stop sharing my personal subject data? I would greatly appreciate a response as I am considering following @Bilbo-K steps here.
  2. I have sent in my Statutory Notice and Vodafone is failing to respond and when I tried to talk to credit file team she wouldn't even listen and just hung up. [removed] ..what kind of people work there. She wouldn't even let me explain why what they are doing is wrong. I tried to explain myself to her and she just continued to repeat "we have done everything with accordance to law" and tried saying that what they are doing is done in agreement of my contract which has ended :/ What do I do? Do I send them to Court? Note: I have contacted ICO and was advised to wait a bit longer, until Statutory notice expires, and then send in all the info to them. Really don't want to take this to Court, but will go all the way if they do not cooperate as they have failed to do so.
  3. @dx100uk I have, now just patiently waiting for their response. 40 days is way too long. in the meantime I am sending out a polite letter for removal of default.
  4. I will send a letter asking for my personal data and along the way I will send a letter asking them politely to remove the default. I am also going to contact Nationwide as that is the company that stopped my job offer at checks and ask for my file there and a letter explaining what was the catalyst of the outcome. Based on my limited knowledge it must've been the default because every loan I had up until now has been repaid on time and I only have one credit that is paid every month by the due date. I have no other adverse history besides this default. I am going to ask for a letter that states that it was the default, because if this escalates all the way to court I will claim this offer withdrawal. I have just spoke to Vodafone and turns out they said that I sent in a request to terminate my account early and thus they charged me £171.11 for it. Problem is that I didn't send anything in. I have requested a copy of this request. Now I am more than ever determined to get my money back and get rid of this default.
  5. @ silverfox1961 When I looked on noodle it showed that as of March the outstanding balance was just a bit more than £300, but then magically one month later the price went up to £505. Since you have mentioned that you found out about this on your agreement, I had a look myself. That is true they have mentioned something along these line, but there seems to be a problem. I had 2 months where I couldn't make any payment with a month after where I did pay money into my account. During the time when I didn't pay nothing was charged. So throughout the agreement VF did not follow with their own rules. In addition, I have called 3+ times asking them to reduce my bill as I was struggling to pay it. They kept telling me that they need to hear the previous recording and never got back to me at the end. I have reached out during my financial difficulty and asked to reduce my bill payments as I just wasn't able to comply, but they ignored it completely. Unfortunately, I do not have the exact dates now. Wish I could've foreseen this. I will be calling on Monday again and trying to ask them politely to get rid of the default and refund the charges of £154, but if they just bluntly say no I'll follow with the letter. Also, every time I have asked where I can write the letter they said that there's not a place that I can send it to. Should I send it to the Head Office or should I find out a specific address of whatever team I need? These people on the phone are always so unhelpful and some are just extremely rude.
  6. @ andyorch I was actually thinking of that. Sending them a polite letter explaining that they are breach of their own agreement and Ts&Cs. I am still reading a few more threads on here, looking how others approached it and what they have done. There are some amazing people on this forum. @ silverfox1961 You have mentioned "vodafoneicon add on these adminicon fees at either 15% or £100 depending on which is the lower amount however this is unlawfaul as they are only allowed to add the costs they actually incurred which would be pennies as most of this is automated" . I was wondering how would I word that for VF, because 154 pounds is a large sum of money for an individual who doesn't work...even for one that does work. So I would like to claim that money back, but no sure what to say exactly. I would appreciate your 2p.
  7. @ Andyorch Which means Vodafone did not follow through with the agreement. Thinking of sending them a copy of agreement and highlighting the parts in case they have forgotten their own rules. Sorry, I am just trying to compile a good defense against Vodafone. Reading every thread on here, trying to learn from others.
  8. Oh my days!! I have found my agreement! Hoarding does have perks lol This is what it says about termination, etc. a. Either you or we may end this agreement by giving the other 30 days' notice in WRITING!! c. We may end this agreement at any times by WRITING to you if: - within seven days of us asking you in writing, you do not do something fundamental that you have to do under this agreement ( for example pay the charges when hey are due) They must send me a letter! But there was none. I have all of the receipts in original format. Do you think I can copy the agreement and use it against them in my claim to remove the default?
  9. @ silverfox1961 You are correct, my default amount was for 505, which is not the amount I had outstanding. Also, I have contacted the DCA today again and got them to send me a letter stating that they never received my file and I checked my email. My email said that I received a statement on May 21st, but my account was suppose to be closed as of April latest but they say it was February, which is ever worse. I was thinking of writing a letter to them and explain that they have failed to give me the option to repay it and more importantly made me pay the wrong amount. I'll try to get them to remove the default and return the extra 154 that they unfairly charged me for. I am currently reading Vodafone Default removal distress claim ***WON*** hoping to gather as much as I can before I go ahead with the letter.
  10. @silverfox1961 It says that I owed them 300, but they increased it to 505 for unknown reasons to me. I have checked my mail and I haven't received any posts from them. My online account was active until May yet it says that the default was issued in April, the reason I know this is because I checked it on Noodle. It only shows 3 months of late payments, everything else is green so that's confusing. Based on what I have read they should've issued a notice of default, because it is a legal action and shouldn't I be notified of it? They completely ruined my life, I can't secure myself a job. When I tried to explain to one of the customer service individuals she started yelling at me and hang up. I tried to explain to her that there are rules that one must follow before issuing a default, but she wouldn't hear of it and because very rude. I am still applying for jobs, but it feels like the only one I can get now is retail, which is very unfair. Plus I need to earn a certain amount for my VISA. Ugh..
  11. @dx100uk You see, that's the problem. I didn't even know that I had to check my credit file for a job nor was I notified. Bare in mind that I am quite young, younger than you might assume. My default came into action in April, up until then I only had 3 problems paying the bill, everything else is perfect. So from 2013 til late 2015 I did not have an issues. Only at the end I was unable to pay it. Now I am trying to find a way out because I need a job to pay bills and my student loan
  12. @ dx100uk I understand completely. It is not their fault that the company isn't great. I always remind myself that. completely agree with you, something so small shouldn't be on your file. It ruins your life completely :/ I understand if it was a mortgage or something more substantial, but mobile bill, really? I am going to do some research on the forum about writing a formal letter of complaint to the CEO and try to resolve the matter. It is just unfair that they are preventing me from getting a job
  13. @dx100uk to the CEO of Vodafone? What do you think I should say or how to approach it? Oh, I am always rational when dealing with anything. I was always polite towards those with whom I spoke on the phone. I just left like I was lied to, but never really voiced it.
  14. @dx100uk I hope that it is enough, but still hoping to try and get Vodafone to do something. I can't be turned down for my 3rd job offer, that is just plainly unfair :/
  15. @ fkofilee I checked both, Noodle and ClearScore, CS hasn't been updated since March :/ so it is still in default and Noodle says satisfied. I also have an experian account and that says the account has been satisfied. I was wondering if this will be of any good for the job at Barclays or should I just give up? @ dx100uk I am trying to somehow get them to remove it I had a contact that I was paying off just fine for more than a year, but in the last 6 months or so I hit a wall. I was an international student and money was more of a difficulty then. This caused the file to go into arrears. I recently applied for a job that I wanted but was turned down because of it. I understand retail won't look into my history, but really? Retail with 1st class Hons? The account has been in default for about 5 months before I completely repaid it, I would've done it earlier but didn't know I had a default. @Andyorch That's what I thought. But they didn't warn me or anything, not even a peep from them. I was prepared to pay everything off as soon as I got a job, but little did I know that this will mean I don't get that job
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