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  1. Hi are you meaning you have paid the same parking charge twice? Is so I'm presuming both set of receipts would have the same parking charge noted on them. ? That second letter. Unless I'm mistaken It looks to me like they have taken their case to court and a judge has ruled in their favour... Did you go to court or know anything about this?
  2. Thank you for your help. I called the bank up again and spoke to someone else who then started the proceedings for a charge back. Thank you for your help as I'd been at a loss what to do. I really appreciate it
  3. Hello I bought some items off xlmoto.co.uk via paypal. When the item was received parts were missing so i opened up a case with paypal. In the comments of the case i was advised by the seller to click a link and print a pre paid shipping label and return it with this. I did this and the seller has received the item however has not refunded me my money. I escalated the case to paypal to investigate and they want me to return the item (it has already been returned) to a completely different address to the one on the shipping label they provided which i had already returned it to
  4. Hi I'm just wondering if we have any rights when we booked a holiday that was completely different to what was described. We booked through cruise118 and bought flights separately so know I'm not atol protected. Basically to cut a long story short booked a cruise to go to st Kitts, st Thomas and coco cay. Booked through cruise 188 and sailed with royal Caribbean. Before departing RCL changed one port from st Kitts to San Juan. Then while on the cruise they chose not to stop at Coco cay due to bad weather. We only ended going to one port out of the 3 we actu
  5. Hello, Mid january i purchased a drone from the dji website for £400. When I received the drone I noticed its range was no where near what was advertised. After following all troubleshooting and being unable to resolve the issue I sent it off to DJI to repair. They completed work on it and returned it to me however it had not improved the issue. On contacting them i mentioned that I would like a refund or different model as I was unhappy. They stated they would try and fix it and give me a free battery however if they were unable to or I was not satisfied they w
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