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  1. Silverfox - thank you for your reply, would my first step be to write or email them asking for the original credit agreement? Dx100uk - yes I did have other defaults but they were like from 2006- 2008, at the time i took this loan out I did have up to date mobile phone contracts
  2. Hello, firstly im sorry if this is in the wrong place, please feel free to move if so. I am looking for some help, in 2014, I foolishly took out a loan of £150, with mini credit. I soon after found myself in a position to be unable to pay it back - any of it. I soon started receiving letters from a company called Kapama, (sp?) who were demanding £741. now i do not believe this to be a correct amount and have challenged this with them several times via email to which they have never replied. However they do still send their standard emails informing me how to pay and how much it is, they also send the occasional letter in the post. The advice I am looking for is, what to do, is this a fair amount for a payday loan? and if they will not reply to me, how can i challenge it, i would like to be able to pay back the initial £150 and say its done, It would also be nice to have it wiped off my credit file, as I think its unfair. Thanks in advance
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