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  1. Hi Thanks for the response. The charge on the LR is for Egg. I didn't know that there was a CCJ so not sure who got it but assume it was Egg as they did the charge on my property at the LR? I still have the original letter from the LR and the charge says "Direct Legal & Collections, Northants, on behalf of Hillesden Sec Ltd (Egg Banking plc)" Hope that helps. Incidentally, the house at the time of the charge was jointly owned and is now only owned by me following divorce, so assume a joint debt now becomes mine alone even though it was never mentioned as part of the divorce?
  2. Hello First time here and hoping you can help. Around 2003 having been made redundant, I had a debt for an Egg credit card for around £3.5k. I barely recall the details as it was so long ago but vaguely remember it being passed to a solicitor as started getting letters from them. I was not aware of any CCJ being issued at the time but don't use credit since I was made redundant so if it went on my credit file it must have gone off again. In 2006 I got a letter from Land Registry stating that a charge had been made on my property for the amount of just over £4k, the charge was to Egg as far as I can remember, s o I assume a CCJ must have been obtained to take this action? I understood that this meant that if I ever sold my house, I would need to pay this off to Lowells/Cabot as well. I have a very small mortgage of only £100 per month and manage this, the Egg debt was entered as a second charge and as I had no income or means of paying it the Egg debt at the time, I let this charge happen. I have never sold the house so the charge has just lain dormant for all of that time and have never heard a single thing from Egg or any debt collection company in all of that time. Out of the blue, I have today received a letter from Mortimer Clarke solicitors stating that they are enforcing the CCJ of £4,465 and want payment, no mention of how they are connected to Egg but they quote a CCJ number. Is my home at risk here? I'm upset that I have been very careful not to get any debt secured on my home to make sure that it is not at risk as I cannot afford to with having children, yet it now seems that it is at risk or can they not do this? Your help would be much appreciated.
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