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  1. Quick update. Only one positive response from PRA Group who have stated that the debt is not enforcable. Guess everybody else still searching for the CCA's.
  2. I have checked my credit report today. The only debt showing is against a Lloyds CC currently been managed by Westcots. It is showing defaulted against every month. Is there anything to be gained by paying the £10 for a SAR for my CC debts? Where relevant I have previously claimed PPI but have never looked at charges, with the age of the debts meaning the last activity on many was no later than around 2004 am I right in thinking that I cannot claim any charges from that far back?
  3. What should I do, a new thread under each of the original debt owners i.e. Barclays etc?
  4. Ok, thanks. Any view on what my approach should be if they provide one enforceable CCA? Could I pay one debt and ignore the other? Both these debts would have originated in the mid to late 90s.
  5. Quick update have received a phone call from 1DCA informing me that they wont be able to provide documentation for 1 of the loans I have with them but they are sending an enforcable CCA for the other.
  6. Quick update. The only response in two weeks has been from RW offering me a 50% discount. No acknowledgments from anybody of my CCA request.
  7. Thanks for your reply. All debts are credit cards except the one held by PRA, not sure of the exact date they where taken out, but most would be mid to late nineties with nothing later than 2003. Here goes; Barclaycard Visa £7000 (Cabot) Barclaycard Mastercard £4500 (Cabot) RBS Mint £6500 (Westcot) Tesco £6000( RW) Lloyds £4000 (RW) Direct Line £3200 (Westcot) Inactive Creditor £2780 (Westcot) Compucredit (Monument) £2000 NCO Arrow Capquest Capital One £1800 First National Tricity Finance £370 (PRA Group) All given to me at the time on a salary of less than £20K!! Thanks.
  8. Good Evening, I have been on a DMP for over 10 years. Total debts still exceed 40k with most that were credit card debts (from the mid to late nineties) now with various DCA's such a RW, Westcott, Caboot et al. RW have recently started to get more proactive in trying to get me to increase payments and I am seriously doubting the point of continuing to pay. I have been reading about "cash cowing" and requesting CCA's for the debts, any reason that I should not be encouraged to do down this route? Thanks.
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