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  1. Yes it was a duel carriageway, I got pulled over after the officer caught me on his radar gun. It was early evening on an empty DC and the officer even wrote out a good report saying so. I know it means nothing and ''Speeding is still speeding'' This is my whole job and life at stake!! I do 50000 miles a year and I will never be able to say ill never speed again because id be lying. I only creep over the limit when not concentrating too well or when the roads are empty and cant judge your speed when not looking at the speedo. CRAPPER
  2. Hi I was caught doing 80mph on a dual carriageway back in March and just had my court hearing on Tuesday July 26th. During which time my points have gone from 9 down to just 3. I was unable to make court as it was 150 miles away and only had a few days notice. My case was heard and I was disqualified from driving for 6 months from the 26th July. If they are to take the 6 months from the 26th then I only had 3 points at that time and should only get 3 points and £100 fine? Have I got a case here?? Would appreciate any help MK
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