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  1. Soooooooo.........they're telling me porkies? Do I go to the FOS? Has anyone else been told that there is 'no record' of their loan. I found the IP/ Administrator by the way.
  2. Hi there I wanted to make a complaint about loans issued to me by Minicredit back in 2012 (ish). I know they have been wound up but when I went to Opus/ Kapama they said they have no record of them? I have read on here though that they are all the same company so I am confused.com. Is there any point in going to the FOS if they claim to have no record or is this a known avoidance tactic? Also does anyone know who was the appointed Administrator for the MC wind up / dissolution as I thought I could possibly trace it through them but I am struggling to find this information online (even at companies house). Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Yes as you will see from my earlier post, I have and they said they dont have it.
  4. No its all quite straight forward thanks.................just need a copy of an agreement.
  5. Hi Does anyone have a QQ agreement they could let me have a copy of please (anonymised obviously). I have DSAR'ed them but apparently there is no trace of my agreement? Could anyone assist please? Thanks NT
  6. I am trying to do the same. Has anyone got a copy of a QQ agreement aso I can't find mine and I wanted to see the terms. Thanks
  7. Its only a 12 month period so I would doubt (be unlucky) if there were any changes in that period
  8. I have the breakdown I just don't have the second page of the agreement which I am repeatedly told they don't have hence I am asking for it on here.
  9. Irresponsible lending, bit difficult to make complaints when you only have half an agreement!
  10. Hi I noticed this on the main board subforum header Have you been defaulted because of a debt comprised either wholly or partly of excessive unfair charges? The default could be a breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 and also defamatory. Your bank may have breached the Banking Code of Practice. Since the OFT test case, all bank charges are in dispute and all related defaults are unlawful I might be being dim but I can't find the thread for this. Could someone point me in the right direction please? Thanks
  11. Hi I am trying to get hold of a Mr Lender credit agreement from 2001 - 12. I have done the whole CCA and DSAR bit but I only have page 1 of a two page agreement and need to see the 'information overleaf' part. Has anyone got one they could post? Thanks!!
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