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  1. in that case Ive got a feeling they may back track quite quickly when this is pointed out to them. many thanks again
  2. thanks for the quick responses. in what way are they interfering with the easement/ trespassing (so I can explain it to my sister) as much as id like to screw them out of some money I cant be doing with the hassle and would much rather get these clowns off my back. would your statement below be enough of a response? (im not very good at wording myself) *There is an easement and your client is running the risk of action being taken against them if they do not desist in their foolish adventure* thanks again
  3. on picture 3 if I moved the camera slightly to the left of the wall there's another driveway, then it leads to the individual garages.
  4. the houses are early 1900s, and I know that the access has been there for at least 33years as that's how long my parents have lived there for. I've attached pictures of the area as you requested, showing the whole car park and the access routes to the garages and driveways of the houses. hope this helps parking overview 1.pdf view position 1.pdf view position 2.pdf view position 3.pdf view position 4.pdf
  5. unfortunately we don't have the NTK as we followed the ignore process (which we now know was wrong), I only kept my paperwork when it started mentioning solicitors and court action. its a bit strange how they think that blocking access to the back of homes with their vans is acceptable but parking a car there warrants a ticket, maybe i should start ticketing the vans myself, I will take pictures later on and post tomorrow. many thanks
  6. Thank you for the advice, I can't remember ever seeing any kind of photographic evidence, I'm also not even sure what time this parking violation supposedly happened, I'm almost positive it was more than 14 days though. My sister has also received one of these claims from bw legal for the same place but the land owners name is completely different, mine was Leicester davenports and sons hers has been put down as infotec,
  7. attach are all the letters from post one that had to be removed because of reference codes being on show. im not sure how to put them all into one file though so please bare with me docs1.pdf
  8. Myself and my wife cant ever remember getting a ticket on the car and honestly I cant remember the date we got the first letter. from what it says on the letter of claim from BW the ticket was issued at - the maltings, Leicester davenport & sons ltd . This is a factory at the back of my parents house which allows access to the back of 5 or 6 houses and operates 9-5, the only time we would have stopped there is if we were getting our son out of the car (other options is getting him out on a main road), usually we get him out and the other goes and parks the car on the road. all the dates are on the letters that I attached but if you need me to resend i'll happily do so, I've also been and taken pictures of the sign posted outside the factory standing next to it and what I could see from the car and the google view of where the location is. let me know if you need any more information docs 2.pdf
  9. From reading through the threads its apparent that BW are scrapping the bottom of the barrel to get some business. I myself received a letter of claim from BW stating all the fees that I will have to pay and quoting legal battles that mean I wouldn't win if it went to court. Having had no contact with anyone up to now I'm wondering what the next step would be? VCS apparently issued me with a ticket on 26th march 2014, personally I have no clue about this apart from receiving a letter through the post, myself as the keeper didn't get a ticket and my wife as a named driver never mentioned receiving one. I got a couple of letters off them and followed the advice of another forum which at the time was to ignore, the case was then referred to their debt collecting agency ROSSENDALES who sent me 4 letters with the last threatening a potential field visit. This was dated 27th April 2015. I heard nothing until BW Legal sent me a letter with a letter from VCS also inserted to tell me that they are referring it to their debt collector? I thought they had already done this with ROSSENDALES? I've also had calls off BW which I haven't answered but they leave an automated answer phone message, how did they get my number? BW have sent me two letters the first explaining that they are taking over the debt and the second outlining the potential costs. I've attached all documents sent to me apart from the initial VCS letters that I think had bee thrown away, I also have the letters from Rossendales if needed What steps should I take next if any? Many thanks
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