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  1. Thank you all for your response. When I say ex wife , I mean to say we have separated , she insist I file for divorce. She knows there are no grounds for a divorce,and then the costs would be down all to me. I think contacting FRIENDS PROVIDENT and having copies of all relevant paper work is very good advice. Thank you
  2. At this late stage the only positive out come would be to receive what I'm owed , we are talking about £25,000. As sneaky and back handed as It is, seeking criminal charges will only make me look like the ogre here. My next step is what to do from this point??
  3. Dear Friends I have found myself in murky waters. Married in 1990 ,Upon purchase of new house in 1992 wife and I took out Life assured policies for ourselves. Both polices in both names. As main breadwinner I paid for both premiums. In July 2010 my dear wife decided marriage wasn't what she wanted any longer so she abandoned me and the family home. After two years she demanded I sell our house and split the proceeds. As of March 2012 I was struggling and the premiums on our two policies were in arrears. At this point my wife took over paying the pol
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