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  1. That's the thing - I suppose this whole thing is finished and they won't pester me anymore. I don't mind sending them my new address (I don't know it yet) but at the same time I don't want to remind them about my existence. The guide was the first thing I saw, but it was already too late.. haha, I wish I'd seen it before, but nevermind. Things happen, we pay and we learn. It's how it is. All the best to you, good sir! )
  2. Yes, It'll stay backed up for as long I have the account. No worries, I clicked the star, I think it's all done. About these guys I'm changing address soon so they can forget about me and I will forget about them in the same manner. Thanks, thanks, thanks again for your help, I REALLY appreciate it! Keep it up, I'll keep having a look on the forum, you know, learn from the mistakes of others - really good advice someone gave me. Have a great day!^^
  3. I've just called and payed over the phone on the phone number they gave me. It all went through nice and quick, the automatic answer machine said I'm speaking with Fit4Less, but I thought that is someone who is actually at harlands. I made sure I asked them that this payment is final and will settle all that I owe at full, to which the guy replied with "yes, that's right, yes." So I'm happy for now. Anything else I gotta do, you reckon? Like ask them to delete my personal data or Thank you Slick132 for helping out, I'll head over to the donation page and where are those scales of yours (from the signature) so I can click them! ^^
  4. They actually did in the letter they replied with. Although it kinda agrees that this payment will settle all that I owe. It's in comment #6
  5. I got an email stating: "Dear Mr Best Customer of The Year Thank you for your email. We can confrim a payment of your arrears will either need to made by call our office on the number below or sending a cheque. 01444 449029 Please advise us on what way you would like to pay your arrears. Kind regards, Sophie Kelly for Harlands" Does the Postal Order fall into the category of sending cheque? Otherwise I think I can use the phone (I can't really trust them) and then record the conversation in order to have it as a proof in case they deny later that I had called them. Then if they overcharge me I will contact my bank to challenge and cancel it. Your thoughts? Regards, lizzard
  6. Hi Slick, Email sent! I'm going on a highly anticipated holiday in 10 days so I will surely ignore them whether they like it or not. Regards!
  7. Hi there guys, On a nice Sunday morning en route to work I was cycling on a designated two-way cycling path which runs along the main road in London. However after one point there was a ROAD CLOSED sign on the main road right after crossroad with traffic lights which I obeyed. Some people were cutting trees or doing some other maintenance. There was red CYCLISTS DISMOUNT sign on the SIDEWALK on which I DIDN'T go, instead staying in the cyclist lane. On the cyclist path there was a lorry parked which was taking 80% of the cyclist path but still enough space for me to go trough. I slowed down to the point of barely moving in order not to hit anyone behind and after everything cleared I, normally accelerated back to cruising speed to be scared by a policeman that jumped right in front of me shouting "why hadn't I stopped as there was cyclists dismount sign earlier". I panicked and I lied that "I didn't see the sign" which is really plausible as the sign was positioned on the sidewalk. long story short - I didn't manage to talk my way out of it and got a fine - I didn't argue with them or insult them, I just didn't think to explain that I'm one of the few student's that spends his sundays in the summer to work and catch up on money for next year. When all the others are on holidays or something. NEVERMIND, I've accepted that already lol.. Yesterday I dug into the internet and actually found out that the CYCLISTS DISMOUNT sign is not enforceable but instead is just advisory and if you don't obey it you are not actually committing an offence. Right afterwards about 6 cyclists who were riding just as me got told off but NO FINE, which was really taking, but I've accepted it as well. It's no problem to pay the fine, is just my finance is really tight and if it's just to simulate work - it's not gonna happen. I also got only Fixed Penalty Notice - Part 1 - Payment slip. Is there supposed to be something else like describing the offence or anything? As I currently have only instructions on how to pay, my address and Court hearing request at the back which is not really an option as I can't be bothered with all the other happening at the moment.. . Self sustaining student in London can make you lose your mind, I'm serious! Please advise what are your thoughts on this situation. Regards, lizzard As I didn't make it clear in the original post: according to the policeman the problem was that I didn't dismount from the bike and used the walking path for the closed section, which was really a minute-long walking. And the policemen were from the Cycling Police division so I thought they really know what they are doing and will do it just.
  8. Hi again, Slick132! After clarifying who am I, because they cannot use their letter reference number I got the following email: "Dear Mr Blah, Thank you for your email. We can confirm to pay the outstanding arrears on your membership with Fit 4 Less you either have to send a cheque to our office or call the Harlands helpline a make a card payment over the phone with one of our advisors. We trust you to find this in order. For all Enquiries Call Harlands : 01444 449029 () Quote Reference : blahblah Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm Yours sincerely, Harlands" These guys are getting on my nerves! I see why everybody hates them. I don't have cheque book with my card and even if I did I wouldn't send them one. Anyways, the other option they give me is to call them and do the payment over the phone. I'm not really eager to correspond with them over the phone as per your instructions (which really makes sense). I simply cannot trust them they'll charge the correct amount and not go for the 37.99 initially requested. I've had issues like that before and you can challenge the transaction with call to the bank and get it reversed, but I'm not sure in this case. Please advise as you are the man with the experience. Regards, Lizzard
  9. Hi slick132, I've just sent them an email, I was slightly late as I'm currently dealing with exams as well. I don't have any cheques to send them anyways. Thanks for your advice, awaiting their response. Regards, Lizzard
  10. Hi again, Today I got a letter from Harlands dated at 12 August: "We can advise we can take the payment of £16.99 without any further payments being made as long as the missed payment is made before the 19th of August. Should you contact us after this date you would then need to pay the arrears plus 1 further month. We trust you find this in order. Yours sincerely, Harlands" This is perfectly fine by me, but they didn't clarify how to pay it exactly. And I didn't find any bank details of them in the contract we had signed in the beginning. Shall I ask them via letter or call/email them in order not to prolong the whole thing? Or I can ask them via phone and then send them a letter confirming I made the payment and the reference number of payment so they can match it later, I guess? How would you advise me? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi Slick, I really appreciate your help and prompt answer. I did actually go through lots of other threads but wasn't confident enough to modify one, that's why I asked. Those guys are seriously harassing lots of people, it's crazy. Lately I had tons of other stuff on my head, hence the late reply, I'm sorry about that. The thing that I've scribbled is as follows, I'd appreciate it if you can have a quick look and see if it looks okay. Dear Sir or Madam, I refer to my membership at Fit4Less gym in blahblah with Harlands’ unique reference number (number from bank statement): blah. My agreement with Fit4Less was on the basis of a rolling contract. The first payment of £16.99 was taken by Direct Debit on or just after blah. This payment consists of £0.00 joining fee and the first monthly membership fee payment of £16.99. And then £16.99 was collected from my account via Direct Debit on or just after the 23st of every month I cancelled my direct debit mandate and this was adequate notice of my intention to cancel. I realize now that I should have given 30 days’ notice to cancel my membership so I am offering to pay one-month membership fee of £16.99 to cover the notice period, to you now. I will not pay you any administration or cancellation fees - these are penalties that are unlawful and unenforceable. If you confirm in writing that you will accept the amount of £16.99 in full and final settlement of all that I owe, I will pay you promptly. If you fail to accept my offer within 14 days or you demand any other payment, I will pay you nothing and my offer will be withdrawn. Yours faithfully, blah blah I will post it 1st class signed for so I got it tracked, as warned before.
  12. Hi there guys, I've signed up for Fit4Less gym on 23rd of February 2016. When I was in the gym to sign up the lady told me that it's a rolling contract and I just need to cancel the direct debit in order to cancel my membership. I then received an email with details about the direct debit and a PDF attached with the Terms&Conditions which I've also attached to this post. However three months ago my work and university duties became so time consuming that I didn't have any time to enjoy the gym so I recently decided to cancel my DD thinking that it will also cancel my gym contract. I've been paying £16.99 per month as per my contract. Yesterday I received a mail which states exactly as follows: " Dear MR ***, re: Your membership to Fit4Less We are writing with regards to your membership for Fit4Less as we have been advised by your bank that your Direct Debit instruction has been cancelled and as a result we have been unable to collect your monthly installment of £36.99. Due to this payment being missed you have incurred a £20.00 administration charge. We would like to help you keep up to date with your membership payments and we understand this may have been a mistake so would kindly ask you to contact the Harlands Customer Service team on 01444449029* to pay the outstanding balance and reinstate your Direct Debit. Alternatively you have the ability to make a payment and reinstate your Direct Debit using our secure online payment service by following the link and using the details provided bellow. Go to *some url* You will need the following information to hand: - Ref Number -Credit/Debit card details -Arrears to be paid £36.99 Please note you will not be able to access the club until this balance has been cleared. We remind you that under the terms of your membership you need to provide 1 month's notice and therefore need to make another monthly payment. Failure to do so will result in further action so please contact us immediately to resolve and avoid this. If however you are having any problems with your membership or payments please contact the Harlands Customer Service team on 01444449029* or email us at *theire email* and we will be happy to discuss your account. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Telephone lines are open from 9am to 8pm, Monday to Friday and we look forward to receiving your call. Yours sincerely, Harlands " After I read your thread about properly cancelling the membership I was so sorry that I didn't look at it earlier, but there was literally no way to see that coming. And on my only day off I've been researching this thing, because I'm not even sure they will leave me alone if I even pay those £37. I'll be really happy if you guys can help me deal with another blackmail attempt. MembershipTermsAndConditions.pdf
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