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  1. I paid the loan for about a year then got in trouble, i don't recall paying since 2009/10. When i get SAR i will post up. Thanks DX
  2. Thanks for the reply dx, Mortimer solicitors have recently started to chase the debt, it was in their letter that said about them having a ccj. They have put on hold until they fulfil the SAR. Just checked my records, loan was taken in 2008, don't think i paid anything since 2009/10. They registered ccj in 2013. Loan was for around 4k, ccj is registered with a balance of 3.5k. Should i also SAR welcome? Shelly
  3. Hi Everyone, First time poster but long time lurker..... So like many I have a welcome un-secured loan. It was brokered by a window company selling me double glazing. Long story short my husband lost his job, we fell into a serious situation and prioritised our mortgage. Welcome was not easy to deal with , at times they sent threatening text messages. We tried payment plans but they always fell short and they would play their games to drive charges etc. This was around 2009. Things went quiet and I wasn't paying due to trying to keep up with mortgage and other debts. They then sold the debt to a number of DCA's. I have recently found out that they have registered a CCJ against me. This was 30 Months ago . I know this cannot be done without them applying to the county court. Having spoken to my husband he claims that he did see paperwork about 3 years ago but in a panic threw it away thinking it was DCA trying it on and the court wouldn't do anything if they didn't have good evidence. I know that's not the case, my husband had lost his mom at the time and was working 60 Hours per week just to meet our commitments. He was also put on medication for depression that came with several side effects. So what do I do? I have just sent the latest DCA / solicitor a SAR. I am waiting for the response. Since the CCj was registered I have seen no bailiffs or any enforcement action. Should I negotiate a deal and pay, whilst waiting 3 years for it to drop off my file or would I have chance of restarting the process? Your thoughts / advice would be welcome. thank you all, Shelly
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