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  1. My partner had similar with a PDL from 2013, default registered in 2016. I sent recorded letters with no response and contacted the FCA back in July - I have today received a response that they agree the default should be backdated!
  2. Sadly, back to square one! I didn't get a response from MMF, so I went to the Ombudsman. Long story short, a copy of the default letter was sent over to the Ombudsman. Despite pointing out that we had never received any written correspondence so it appeared odd that this had been sent by post and not email (i.e I don't believe it was sent!), the Ombudsman has accepted it. MMF apparently changed their systems so cannot provide any copies of letters or emails sent prior to the default notice, so they have provided examples similar to what would have been sent (!!!) Ombudsman has agreed that they should backdate the default to 2013 when the debt actually defaulted. Mr Lender apparently registered a default but then removed it once they realised they had not sent a default notice. I've been told we have 2 choices, as a lender does not have to report to credit agencies, keep the default as 2016, or back date to 2013, so when we look at mortgages it looks as though it's been ignored for 4 years. I guess the second option is the better of 2 evils... I'm astounded at how slow the Ombudsman are! And very disappointed that they agree with MMF despite the fact they cannot provide copies of correspondence and do not report to credit agencies. Apologies - formatting appears off yet again!
  3. Thanks so much for your help Fingers crossed, so gutted right now!
  4. Thanks dv100uk There is no default against the Mr Lender loan - Mr Lender is under closed accounts, it states the account end date as September 2013. There was absolutely nothing related to Motormile on his credit file until now - I checked Noddle last month and there was nothing there, and there is now a default registered in April 2016. Surely it's not right to register a default that late, if he even owes the money? The Three default was paid as we were advised by a mortgage broker that the lender would want it settled before considering a mortgage.
  5. Afternoon all Desperately after some help if anyone can please.. . Myself and boyfriend are just about to apply for a mortgage. He has had pretty poor credit in the past, 2 years ago I paid off a default which I found from Three and everything else looked fine.. .I have just checked his credit file and there is now a default from Motor Mile finance. I have looked in to it and it seems to relate to a Mr Lender loan back in 2013 - on Noddle there was a 1 for 2 months in an orange circle and then a green UC - I have wrongly assumed it was paid off as the account end date states 30/09/2013. He is adamant that the loan was repaid. I have now checked to see if I can find any correspondence and he has been receiving emails from them, but they have gone straight in to spam. I have just put my flat on the market as we have been offered a house as part of an estate, so stand to lose a lot of money if I pull out as it's shared ownership. Does anyone know if there is anything at all I can do about this? Our dream home looks like its rapidly disappearing Surely it can't be right that a default wasn't registered by Mr Lender? And this is so long afterwards! Edit - apologies for poor formatting making post hard to read, I have tried to amend but it doesn't seem to be working!
  6. My boyfriend has had exactly the same happen - however a default has been registered, just as we were about to apply for a mortgage! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?467595-Default-from-Motor-Mile-Finance-please-help!
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