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  1. I really hope this inspires others who are being brow beaten by these firms. Can't thank you enough:-)
  2. Well, I really want to share this result with to you and hope it might inspire others. Received another letter demanding immediate payment and threatening me with legal action, CCJs etc. E mailed them to say I was in the process of contacting the Ombudsman. On Saturday I received another letter: "I refer to your e mail dated 02/09/16 and am sorry you are unable to accept your response to your complaint dated 5/08/16. Whilst we respect your wish to refer your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman Service, I can confirm that we want to try and reach an amicable resolution to your complai
  3. No. I never signed any letters of authority. TCG are very misleading. They say they will find out if you have PPI and if they find some you can either get them to do the rest or you can do it yourselves.
  4. Just a update. I have received a letter from TCG asking for immediate payment and threatening court action if I do not pay them within 7 days. Would it be advisable to contact the Ombudsman just to be on the safe side? Thank you in advance.
  5. I have just donated to your site. I cannot thank you all enough for your help and advice.
  6. Hello again. After receiving no response to my e mail (and getting a text threatening action the same day) I posted my complaint recorded delivery. A week later i received a posted reply from The Claims Guys who said they were responding to my e mail. No mention of receipt of recorded letter! My complaint was carefully worded. wrote that they had conducted a thorough investigation into my complaint. stated that they accepted that I felt pressured and that it is no way the CG intention 'to pressure our customers into allowing us to complete claims
  7. I e mailed my complain to the TCG's e mail complaints address yesterday. I got no response but they sent me a text threatening legal action if I do not pay them within seven days. I sent the same e mail this morning and once again no response. I have now written a letter to post. They seem to have chose to ignore my e mails so I will give this a go.
  8. Thank you I have now made a letter of complaint to TCG. I will let you know their response.
  9. Hi there. The only form I signed was the initial one where they asked me to list any loans etc that might have PPI. After that I didn't sign anything else as the Claims Guyys in their ad clearly stated that they would find out if I had PPI and then the choice was mine to go with them or do it myself . I now find their ad very misleading as I was hounded by them afterwards . I think the lesson I have learnt is to steer clear of companies like this and make an effort to do things myyself. I havve found this forum very very helpful and I thank everyone.
  10. Thanks for that. It was good to read. I have tried to scan the original Letter of Authority which I did not sign . It has in large letters MUST BE signed (and dated). The Claimes Guys never asked me if I wanted to do things myself but grilled me on the phone. I haven't signed anything so should i just dismiss it? Thanks.
  11. The questionnaire was a general one where I listed all the loans/credit cards etc which I had held TCG have been texting me all day saying my payment is severely late and threatening further action. I did fill in the questionnaire they sent me. However I never signed any authorization papers. To be honest I don't want to answer the phone as their tone is so aggressive
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