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  1. This is interesting to get your viewpoint over this – and in return you can see the stress these agreements cause too of course – so therefore how many of these cases have actually gone to court in your experience? And what happens if it's decided that you weren't at fault for the accident, you didn't hang on to the hire car for ages for the sake of it, that you did need one but it's adjudged that you could have afforded to pay the higher hire rate? Do the insurance just have to pay up themselves or would they then chase you for the money, even though the hire agreement and agreement with the solicitors says you won't be liable for payment as long as you help the solicitors out with whatever they need with the case?
  2. well I've now received the request recently for financial details at the other party, or their insurance/solicitors to be more precise don't want to pay up, though I"d rather not someone else into my financial details not that theres mcc there to look at or be interested in (quite literally) it seems that the sooner it's done the better for the case – though with my stress levels hitting the roof every time I get contact about the case it's not much of a fun time of life, made wise by my parents both being ill and needing hospital treatment at the moment too
  3. Good to hear from someone else who's been through similar – I had the letter through about any court date I couldn't make so that's raised the stress levels a bit again.
  4. Thanks to all for the above replies, didn't get a notification through so apologies for the delay in responding, os far nothing from Carpenters, the small matter of hire car charges but that's a different thread*– thanks again all.
  5. I'm glad to see someone else has mentioned this on here, though not as glad as I might have been a few months ago to have seen it –*I'm in a near situation to the OP, albeit via Hastings. Passed onto Albany when, after being hit by a third party with the amount of damage virtually guaranteeing the car, an 2002 Ford would be a write off, I asked Hastings about a courtesy car –*Albany were too happy to help and said I needed to check a few documents online and once signed they'd be able to send a car, albeit a hire car, though they were at pains to point out that it wouldn't cost me anything and that anything about fees on the documentation I should avoid as it wouldn't apply. So that done that passed me onto Helphire who arranged for a 2015 Vectra to be delivered. Only kept the car two weeks as I bought a new car then and cancelled the hire car which was then picked up. Seemed like the end of the matter. However after Albany saying in October they were submitting the costs, just over £950, to the third party insurers, the third party insurance have refused to pay so Albany then instructed Principia to act and get the money back and have issued a county court claim, with myself named as claimant and third party as defendant. They sent a questionnaire about the accident and whether there are other cars I could have used or if I have credit cards before sending out the county court form. As with the OP I have an insurance policy which indemnifies me against the third party not paying up (including, presumably, losing the case in Court), but that does rely on me cooperating with Albany in recovery of the costs. Stressed doesn't begin to cover it, it's one of those "had I known then" situations really....
  6. Might be better if one of the mods could switch this post to the car insurance forum maybe as it's more relevant there?
  7. Will do – if anyone who's had similar experience can suggest or help it'd be much appreciated of course!
  8. Evening, I'm unfortunately another one of those people who got involved with Carpenters solicitors before seeing the posts on here about them Was put through to them after a car accident that wasn't my fault after suffering a few bruises and a bit of a sore neck, decided a week later it wasn't worth pursuing for a personal injury claim as the bruises had almost gone and my health was back to normal, got my case for personal injury claim closed by them on the phone but now dreading them sending a huge bill through for their costs as I didn't have legal costs as part of my car insurance policy at the time, bit of a painful lesson on the way I'm guessing. Like a few other on here I did email them on a few matters but yet to receive a response.
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