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  1. I thought I did. It's shakespeare martinue and national express.
  2. well, I contacted the company who are a large bonafide organisation, no apologies, no explanation as to how a £48 bill has become £1300, just that they are seeking instruction from the claimant on my request to set aside the default. I have heard nothing for two days, and I submitted the n244 as advised by solicitor regardless, but I offered them the opportunity to consent.
  3. I have not done so no, I have a single page "judgment for claimant" that shows the amount I am alleged to owe, with little detail on it other than my name. Its rather ironic when I have called the courts and given the case number, and my name and address they immediately ask whats your previous address for security reasons. Because they have an address on file (where the papers were served) which has absolutely nothing to do with me! I have lived at the same address for 15 years, so someone has made a mistake! I spoke to the trust registry who told me the address the papers were served to... if I had not got the information from the trust, then I would fail the security check when dealing with the courts!
  4. I don't have any further details, just that the papers were filed to an address I have never lived at, and I have no links to.
  5. Thanks, a few days on I have sought legal advice, submitted the n244, paid the £255! instructed the other party, and asked if they would consent, however they did not reply so I was forced to go ahead anyway given the time frame.
  6. Do you think there is any possibility that I can avoid the n224 form and it's fee ? Have there been any circumstances where a well written letter can get the judgment set aside so I can then speak to the company. I'm sure the fact that a bill was £50 then it's £1300 would look rather extortionate to a sensible judge surely ?
  7. I'm just so distraught after spending years with a damaged credit score, we had turned a corner this year only to have this happen. Pay the bill bill in 6 days, or risk a judges discretion. Either way is terrible. I can't believe our justice system can allow this to happen to people without court documents ever appearing to the defendent.
  8. ok, It was actually not for credit - this is a training bond that a bus company I trained with said was due to pay. I was very poorly and had worked for them twice, I suffered from depression and was on medication, I tried and failed to get my working hours reduced and was really forced into leaving as I was unable to work the normal working week due to illness. When I was at my lowest point my final pay packet was half of what I expected, as they removed £150 from my wages for what I thought was the rest of the training bond. some weeks later they sent me a letter chasing the £50 they said was remaining, and I explained the situation that I did not want to leave the company and that I had been asked to resign to undertake another job within the company anyway, a few months passed and the £50 was being chased by a shakespeare martinue company, I explained the situation to them and 2 months passed without any correspondence. until I got an email from them stating the company still felt that the £50 was due so pay up. I replied I refute the companies version of the events and hadn't heard anything up until today when I open a letter that says we have obtained judgment against you so please pay by the 29th of july, the bill is now £1300 which is a bit odd as they didnt not mention court action at the last correspondence on the 4th july. I feel I have been sucker punched.
  9. Hello dx100. I cant remember I am afraid, its not important - I was not a massive poster or anything. But no I have not moved house for many years, should the courts have issued me papers and at least given me a change to defend the claim? Can I set it aside with a letter to the courts without spending £255 which is frankly ridiculous
  10. Hello, I am not entirely new to the CAG forum, but forgot my old login, today I had a horrible surprise, and I hope someone might offer some assistance as to what the best practice would be to go forward. This morning I opened a letter that said a company has obtained a judgment against me and require payment of £1300 I did not receive a letter from any courts regarding the companies claim, but it seems they have me in a rather unhappy position. I am supposed to pay by the 29th of this month, this was for a bill that was £50. Had I been informed of court action, of course I would have made a defense. I have spent many years recovering from debt and this year I have just started to get my credit file back into the green, waiting 6 years for an old debt to go away, so very sad.
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