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  1. Thanks dx. Our confusion comes from them using so many different names. Will pass on to my sister and get reading.
  2. On behalf of my sister. Can anyone advise please. She was on Facebook and clicked on a pop up offering products for free with only p&p being required. At no time was she directed to a website or any Terms and Conditions and there was no mention of it being a free trial. Three weeks passed before her credit card company rang to say she'd been charged £200. She explained the situation to them and they said that because she'd opened the products and been using them it was impossible for them to do anything and she would have to take the loss. They did stop any future payments. She's now been in contact with the company directly. At first they denied everything and accused her of not reading the T&C's. Now they've offered her an £80 refund under the condition that she doesn't seek a refund from any other 'body'. First question is did the bank act correctly? Second question is how to deal with Stemologica? Should she accept the offer or keep fighting for the full amount? It's the first time we've experienced this type of [problem]. My Mother and I were also caught out but we returned the products unopened and received a full refund of £50 each. It was the same [problem] but they seem to charge different people different amounts. Any advice greatly appreciated
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