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  1. Thank you all for your responses to my post. I co-own a property with my sister in Portugal but own nothing in the UK. One of the contributors has said that as it is a civil debt there is nothing a debt collection agency can do but another person said they can collect a debt in Portugal??? Oleg said be cautious of PRA, what is PRA. I would be grateful for any further suggestions as I am worried that this could all prove to be very expensive and I do not want to involve my family.
  2. Thank you for your reply Bazooka. I am returning permanently to Portugal was told that the bank can apply to a Portuguese lawyer to collect the money through the courts and can then appoint a credit collection agency i Portugal.
  3. I have had an MBNA credit card for six years and never missed a payment. I took out the card in the UK and currently owe £8400. Despite losing my job when BHS went bust I have managed to continue with the monthly payments but I have decided to return to Portugal and wondered if I default on further payments would MBNA be able to collect the money using a debt collection agency. Defaulting is not a prospect I am proud of but without an income, I cannot see any other option.
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