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  1. Here we go again! HSBC settled for the whole amount (£ 1881.48 ), now I licked blood! Send my letter today for refund of only £ 240.00, have to wait now another 14 days, but believe me, its worth every minute. EVERYBODY! , go for your right!
  2. Hi chewlips. Debs is right! In my case, DG filed defence halfway through and then send me the full settlement offer on the last day.
  3. Hi ishmo. In any case stick to your deadlines. It is HSBCs tactic to make you nervous. In my case, they waited every time to the last minute or ignored deadlines. One day after I filed my MCOL I had a letter offering me only part of my claim, but after the deadline ended. Should that happen to you, see my letter to them in my thread. NO SURRENDER go and get them!
  4. Its may be helpfull for everybody, this is the letter I wrote to HSBC after they missed every dead line given by me. feel free to use it! Better to hit the Nail on the head, than to strike it! Date: Notice! Dear Mr. Langdale. Ref. xxxxx Account no. xxxxxxx. Thank you for your offer, dated xx/ xx/ xx of £ XXXX to settle my claim for the refund of my bank charges of £ XXXXX against HSBC. I accept this payment as PARTIALY ONLY and will, as you probably allready know by now, claim the reminder separately. I gave you enough time ( legaly required) to correspond with me
  5. A quick update. The cheque was here this morning, so after 3 months my case with them is settled. Now get the others! Theres more of my money out there!
  6. Hi everyone. Had a letter today from DG Solicitors, stating that I receive the full payment by cheque within the next 7 days. I attached a separate letter to the agreement( confidentiality bit crossed out ), asking for it and it worked. Now they cant get theyre greedy paws on it and we got money, well needed! Probably a good tip for everybody! I am thrilled to the bone with this success, thanks to everybody for the help given and a Donation to this webside will go out as soon as the cheque clears!
  7. Bong is absolutely right, read the FAQs, or better go to rdms thread on the top of this page. Newcomers step by step guide with links. You cant loose, go for it!
  8. Go for it, it is your right and if you stick to your timescale and the rules you can't loose! Welcome to the site, by the way! You dont need luck, only elbowgrease and a bit brain!
  9. Go for it Hannah and in a little while you are rid of the Loan!
  10. Hi Kazzy. Dont get me wrong please! You are a woman of my taste, couldn't put the letter better than that myself! I wrote a similar one yesterday to Gordon Brown!
  11. Go and get them! Every kick counts and every win is a pain in the backside for them, don't be nervous about it, you can't loose! Lets say " The force is with you! " No prisoners taken and give it the full force of " the victim "
  12. Digger61


    If you claimed the interrst as well, dont let them get away with it. All or nothing!
  13. Hi Ishmo. HSBC didnt closed my account, but in revenge cancelled my overdraft. Its allways better to open, just in case a " Parachute Account "! You never know!
  14. Hi Cheryl. Look at the second thread under the announcements on this page, at the top. Its all there, Newcomers step by step!
  15. Digger61

    What to do

    I cant give legal advice, but why suddenly can they work out the charges when they were unable to do so in the first place? You are on the right way, and if you stick to your timescale and the advice given, you can't go wrong. Go on, get them! If they want to go to the Financial Ombudsman, help them! They wont shoot themself in the foot!
  16. Hi RDP. Well done, you did the right thing! To your chances, I would say 50/50. Some people get it without MCOL, some dont. But dont worry, MCOL is a walk in the park and the last straw. I went through, and if I can, everybody can. Just stick to your time table and the advice given on this website, THEN you cant loose! Please tip the scales at the right, if you think its helpfull!
  17. Have to check again. Thanks radiodan!
  18. Veronica. Just calm down and relax! If you stick to your time table and the FAQs, nothing can go wrong. Well done so far and carry on!
  19. Just checked my account online, believe it or not, HSBC offers now online your statements for the last 6 years, AND a list of charges for that time! Are they try to help us, or just got the message that ignorance only force theyre staff to work overtime? Any answers?
  20. Go for the full monty, accept anything else they offer only as partial payment!
  21. I send my first letter to: Data Controller HSBC Bank plc. Canada Square London E145HQ Got answer from: Mr. C. Langdale HSBC plc. Arlington Business Centre Millshaw Park Lane Leeds LS11 0PP So, carolinee is right!
  22. Standard letter, don't worry. You can't loose unless they admitt to unlawfull charges!
  23. Good Luck Ishmo. Hope I was of any help! If yes, please click on the scales.
  24. Just one of theyre blah, blah letters, don't get scared Julie. Go on and show your teeth, they can do nothing about it, except, go to court and admitt they overcharged customers for years. Like the telly ad with the big bloke, ( Doesn't work like that! ), but it does. Dont be scared, go for your money and have a laugh like the bloke who opens the door the other way!
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