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  1. phew!!! The letter is really convincing I really believed that this was the letter b4 court that I had heard about. They really are rascals. They definitely play with people's fears of getting bad credit labelling, I suppose they know that most people are conscientious and don't want trouble. Thanks for that reply!!!
  2. Now received 'notice of intention to commence legal proceedings' Please look at this letter Can Zenith take me to court? is this the letter before court? or is this just another precursor to the court letter? Does anyone know if Zenith has ever taken anyone to court!!!! zenithCollections-24oct16.pdf
  3. Well, it seems they are just playing silly b..... with me. I typed in Zenith Collections into the red strip search bar (as suggested), and read some of the threads it threw up and, there was a very interesting thread where someone had looked up Zenith Collections and found that they are a part of DRP - yep the very ones that sent me the previous 3 letters, can you Adam & Eve it!!!!! whats wrong with Parking ticket ltd? I have scanned and sent them my evidence 3 times over and from what I can read from the other threads all these other parking companies seem to be doing the same thing no matter if you explain and supply evidence of them being in the wrong. I will add this one to my fast growing collection of letters from Parking ticketing by proxy ltd. Thank you for your replies and advice.
  4. Well here we go again, Parking ticket ltd., has resolved to just bully and harass me in any way they can. They have now sold on my name to this Zenith Collections agent (please see attached), who have dropped the amount to £99 if I'm willing to settle!!!! How can I settle for something I have not done? Has anyone heard of Zenith Collections and what powers do they have? zenithCollections-08oct16.pdf
  5. Thank you for looking at this letter from DRP - I really value your opinions and advice. It is good to know that someone else has experienced these things and seen these type of letters before, so are aware of the way they operate. I have resolved not to hand over my money to these people when, in the first instance I have followed all their regulations in good faith and have the proof to show that I did nothing wrong. I feel that these letters they send are quite bullying and intimidating and I can understand how people might be scared into paying them, so I guess I will wait for the next instalment when the date runs out on this one. Just a thought these letters are signed by the same person so I wonder if they are stock letters that they just sign and send out in succession?
  6. well - the Saga continues, the last payment date for DRP has passed and they are now offering me a REDUCED PAYMENT OFFER to avoid Court action, (please see attached). They have outlined to me that this is know as 'pre-action protocol' which they will demonstrate to the judge that they have tried to settle the matter by making this offer. In your experience is this what they normally do before court action? This letter reads like they really intend to take me to court? They're even offering a short-term payment plan!!!! I recently saw a programme called 'Rip off Britain' where there was a similar case to mine, where the man had put the ticket in the windscreen and the parking firm viewed it as invalid - after various exchanges they threatened him with the fact that it could go to court and his future creditworthiness etc. could be affected. He got scared and paid, the programme told him it was unlikely he would get his money back even if they tried to help him as the parking company already had his money!!! DRP-Sept2016.pdf
  7. Hi there, received this letter yesterday from DRP, its entitled "Notice of intended court action" then in the second paragraph it says to prevent this case being recommended to the creditors..... they go on to urge me to make contact with them without delay etc. Do you know if they are members of the BPA as they stamp their letters with the logo. They have now given me until next week!!! Image.pdf
  8. thank you for your replies - and sorry my reply is so late in the evening, I was working very late tonight and just sat down at my home computer. So very helpful indeed and I had a really good belly laugh at some of the posts (although there was serious contents written into them). Well I'm glad I don't have to explain the whole thing to yet another agent of PTL., I suppose that they use every threat they can to frighten people into parting with hard earned money. Thank you for taking down the my letter, I did try to take out the info which I thought was non-relevant but did not think about the ref. numbers. I will endeavour to keep the forum informed of any other developments!!
  9. Hello Again, This weekend I received a letter from another collection Agency (please see attached scan). They seemed to have taken over from PCS and are giving me until Bank Holiday Monday to pay the new amount of £149.00 or they will advise Parking Ticketing Ltd to take me to court. It seems that every time a new agency takes over they slap another £20 onto the amount. Now it is 'Debt Recovery' will this affect my credit rating? Any advice on how I should proceed, do I open a dialogue with these people? if so any pointers on how I should approach it? Has anybody had a similar thing happen to them and is it common for them to hand things on from one Agency to another?
  10. Hello, just a quick update on my situation with Parking Ticketing Ltd. I am now ignoring them for the time been and waiting for their next move. I was supposed to pay Parking Collection on the 28th July 2016, it is now 10 days later and I have not had any reaction to my non-payment yet.... .....I have not been back to the carpark since last week, but will be returning soon, as I do use one of the companies in that complex.
  11. This parking situation is confusing to say the least. I could not get my head around it, the visitors parking permit (which I was given on entry to the car park states that I should only park in the bays marked "Max 2 HRS"), Oh I forgot to mention we also have to sign a book which says who we are visiting on the site BEFORE we are given the visitors permit. What I could not understand is why PTL then said that I did not have a valid permit for parking there. This is cut from their letter to me when they rejected my appeal: "We have considered your reason for appeal but unfortunately the operative has to see clearly a valid permit in the windscreen when inspecting . This may include a location number, vehicle registration number, expiry date, security features. By seeing the permit in the windscreen the warden can confirm that the vehicle is entitled parking at the location. We appreciate that you are a holder of a Visitors permit with an expiry time to which you had over spent by 1o mins looking at the warden’s photographs. We also like to advise that 10 minutes’ grace period given is actually for Pay & Display Sites" They then went on to say about the Landmark judgement of 4th November 2015. still trying to upload the visitors permit...
  12. I have been back to the car-park and talked to some of the companies and people operating the car park - I have also taken some pictures of the parking bay and the signage. PTL - started operating in this car park from what I can gather, between 6 - 12mnths ago. Alliance parking also operate the car park (my visitors parking permit was issued by alliance parking). From what I can gather PTL comes in through the back gate (automatic barrier) and tickets cars parked in the visitors bay saying that they do not have a valid permit if.......they deem them to be parked without a valid PTL. According to them my car was 15 seconds over the limit. I have uploaded the pictures (correctly I hope), of the marked bays that I am allowed to park in using my visitors parking permit and the pictures of the signage from PTL ltd. Wow - learning a lot about coverting files from jpg to pdf - the Jpg of the visitors permit is not converting today but I will continue to try and upload that later, as I just wanted to post these pictures of the car park. All other bays in this car park are numbered and assigned to the various companies, I have spoken to the company I visit and they are saying that even some of the directors have received PCNs - seems to be a general atmosphere of fear amongst them!!!! IMAG0397.pdf IMAG0401.pdf IMAG0400.pdf IMAG0395.pdf IMAG0398.pdf
  13. Thank you all for taking the time to reply to my post - a lot of your replies seem to have the same consensus of opinion. I will go to the car park again and take pictures of the signage and post it as a pdf (as suggested). I also agree with "ericsbrother" saying that they had the opportunity when they gave me the visitors permit to tell me about other parking conditions applied in the car park - not just suddenly come up with something else as and when it suited them, I also mentioned this in my letter to them - they totally ignored me . I still have the visitors permit and am fast creating a folder of all the correspondence relating to this, my bad or their's as I tend to be a bit compulsive when it comes to keeping records. I will be posting a photo of the signage as soon as I can return to the car park.
  14. On 18/04/2016 I received a PCN from Parking ticketing limited whilst parked in a private car park. The notice was issued on the grounds that I did not have a valid permit to park in the car park. I appealed the PCN on the grounds that: 1) I had a visitor permit issued to me at the barrier (entrance to the car-park), by their person operating the barrier. 2) I also cited that the PCN contained incorrect details of the vehicle ie the stated colour of vehicle was WRONG which rendered the PCN invalid. 3) The amount of the fine £60 was excessive. They rejected my appeal saying that a landmark case on 4th Sept 2015 was handed down in favour of parking operators, I missed date for a POPLA appeal (due to serious family illness issues) and then received a letter demanding £100 - I wrote to them again citing that I had a visitor permit and invalid information on the PCN. I then received a letter from PCS (Parking Collection Services on behalf of Parking ticketing Limited) demanding £120 - they stated on the back of their letter that I could appeal the (now £120) charge if I did not believe I should have received it and that they could cancel the ticket if they upheld my appeal. I explained the situation over again to them explaining that Parking ticketing Ltd had refused to engage with me again and had not answered any of my grounds for appeal. PCS rejected my appeal to them, and furthermore said that I could not appeal against the £120 fine levied by them as I had missed my original date of appeal to POPLA when I wrote to Parking ticketing Ltd back in April - they did not issue a reference number for me to appeal to POPLA against their £120 fine even though it stated on the back of their fine that if they rejected my appeal they would issue me with a POPLA reference. my question and need for advice now is have I got to pay this £120 to Parking Collection Services? They have now given me until 28/07/2016 to pay £120 to them, I did not think this thing would go the distance, how can I fight these people now? please someone give me some advice
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