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  1. Hi All Just thought I'd share the good news with you all and let you know that this all pays off in the end. I received a letter from Lloyds solicitors offering to settle the whole amount of my claim, provided I agree to their terms. These being confidentiality, not pursuing any further claims and maintaining my account in credit. Seeing as I intend to close my account and haven't incurred any charges in the last three years the last two terms don't bother me. However with regards to keeping it confidential as soon as I sign the letter my lips are sealed, but until then.......
  2. Hi, firstly congratulations! Secondly, how far in the process were you before the offer was made? Had you returned the AQ? And thirdly have they offered you the whole amount you were claiming? Angie
  3. Just an update to say I'm sending the completed allocation questionnaire back to the court today.
  4. Thanks Peeps, the reason I was asking is cos when I called Money Claim yesterday they told me to include the fees and return the questionnaire with £100, but I was sure I'd read in here somewhere that the fees weren't included. So for my own peace of mind I called Money Claim again just now and they told me to contact Bow Court which is where my claim has been transferred to. The helpful lady at Bow court told me that the original amount of my claim without the fees is the amount I need to look at when deciding if it's under £1,500. So the claim amount being £1,466 the upshot is that
  5. Last night I came home to find an allocation questionnare waiting for me. I have completed it, but am a bit flumoxed by the whole fees bit. The letter that accompanied the form stated that if I was claiming more than £1,500 I would have to pay an additional £100 court fee on returning the completed questionnaire. My question is this, I'm claiming £1,123 in charges with £343 interest at 8%, so that's £1,466. With the fee of £120 paid to file the claim, the total amount is £1,586. So do I pay the additional charge of £100 or not? Is the £1,500 threshold based solely on the claim or doe
  6. Hi just a quick question, did you complete and return the questionnaire and did you have to pay a fee? Thanks
  7. Voucher should be on it's way to you now. Keep up the good work.
  8. True, but when I started out with this back in March this data wasn't available. Plus he works as a Financial Advisor and he seemed to think that the banks would soon stamp on the customer rather than allowing us all to start claiming. In any event, I went ahead with it and funded the £120 court fee out of my overdraft with Lloyds, an irony that I hope they didn't miss!
  9. Thanks for your messages everyone! I haven't actually told my husband what I'm doing cos he scoffed when I first mentioned it. He works for the Nationwide BS and said there was no way the banks would repay the charges. When I asked if they employed someone to deal with unpaid items, he said that it was all done automatically. As far as he knows I ordered the statements to find out what I'd paid in charges, he doesn't know I've written to bank and am now going through Money Claim. Every time an official looking envelope comes through the door I have to get there and grab it before he
  10. Hi All This is my first post, so I thought I'd start by letting you know my progress so far. 10th March 2006 - sent letter with details of all charges from July 2002 to date and requested they be returned. (Charges available on internet banking) 16th March 2006 - sent letter with details of charges from March 2000 to June 2002 requesting these also be returned. Informed Lloyds that if all the charges were not refunded within the next 14 days I would go ahead and claim without further notice. (Charges from copy statements requested) 20th March 2006 - received letter from Man
  11. Hi just want to wish you good luck! I'm entering my claim today and wanted to know what you included in the amount claimed section. Was it just the charges taken, or the charges plus interest plus the statement fee?
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