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  1. Thank you , I will send recorded delivery tomorrow and will post any updates.
  2. Thank you so is it ok to send my 2nd W/S is attached above?
  3. Is this ok? do I need to add anything else? IMG_20160817_0001.pdf
  4. Thank you I will do that now and post it here for final check before sending.
  5. Can some one help me draft it when you have time? and do I need to send a copy to both Lowell and Court as well? Thank you
  6. It doesn't have to be today to send them my W/S. We can send them in few days.
  7. Thats all they have sent . They have until 30/08/2016 4pm to send statements .
  8. Is this any better? IMG_20160817_0001.pdf IMG_20160817_0004.pdf IMG_20160817_0002.pdf
  9. Hi, This is what Lowel sent me yesterday. They cant provide what judge ordered them. IMG_20160817_0001.pdf
  10. Hello Guys , This is what I received from the court a week ago and I received a witness statement again from Lowell today which I will upload later today or tomorrow. IMG_20160816_0001.pdf
  11. Yes, I think if they could access these they would have provided me they had enough time. Its not I am avoiding to pay VERY I will pay them today if they can bring my original balance back which I know for sure was under £500. I dont want to pay LOWELL thieves who ripping people off . I dont know how they can sleep at night.
  12. No thank you all for helping me go this far , I wouldn't have done it without your help. I wish I knew about this forum before. I will update soon as I hear anything.
  13. I will update if I hear anything from Lowell I will post here what ever they send.
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