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  1. About 2 years ago I got a letter from CWD stating their usual letter. I responded by asking original contract etc. I told them I have no assets in the UK. I haven't heard anything from them since then.
  2. Hi uncle. Thanks for the reminder again. We have travelled in europe and far east asia and there was no issue with immigration. A lot of people have been threatened with interpol but then again thats just scare tactics. We flew with cathay pacific so the route was over russia. Thinking of flying with turkish airline next time. Do you think thats a wise idea?
  3. Just want to update everyone. After almost 1 yr I still haven't heard from CWD. I think they realised it is not worth chasing me as they know they won't get anything from me.
  4. Hi Ally23. I also received a letter from CWD 6 months ago. I responded asking for documents and also told them I have no property and savings. Till now I haven't heard anything from them.
  5. Hi uncle. OK thanks for that. I will come back once I hear anything from them. In terms of assets, how will they actually know that? By looking at the person's credit file?
  6. So just an update. I wrote back to CWD over a month ago and requested for statements etc. and told them that I have no assets. Till now I haven't received anything.
  7. If a person has no credit card and never applied for one, is not on the electoral role, has no mobile contract. But has a basic bank account, is on the council tax bill, has national insurance number, has pension scheme - would they be able to trace the address of that person?
  8. Yes, the article is so biased towards the UAE, but the comments are spot on!
  9. My facebook is very private and doesn't have personal info, i dont have twitter, no linkedin and other social media. I thought electoral registers and credit files are confidential? Is that not a breach under data protection act? But as you said it is probably better that they know my address cos if they sent to my old address then I wouldn't be able to defend it and i'd prob get ccj by default.
  10. Thank you unclebulgaria. The debt is about GBP 2.5k. Maybe it has gone up slightly since the pound has plummeted against AED. Indeed I have had a look around and there seems to be no solicitors that know how to deal with this. So thanks again for your help.
  11. Hi uncle. Thanks for the response. Where is your source regarding them being able to issue UK court proceedings? I really don't have any assets and barely surviving every month, but will they believe me? I can show them my monthly bank statement. It is their first letter and I intend to respond to them. I am guessing their next letter to me will be a SD? By then I will probably get a solicitor (if I can afford it), can you recommend any? Thank you...
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