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  1. Ok. Might be a little quiet at work tomorrow so will let my imagination run riot on an email....Thank you. Has there been any court proceedings issued to anyone from this recent batch of barrel scraping?
  2. Hi. I sent them a letter explaining stolen plates and other relevant denials, telling them to stop sending me letters etc. .. Today I have revived a "final notice" It states they haven't received a espouse to the first letter which is untrue. Should I ignore or respond again? It does say our client HAS instructed us to commence proceedings....
  3. I see. I'm writing a letter now based on a denial of debt template - amended to reference the stolen number plates fact. Does the time frame come into this at all? Surely they cant chase something almost 6 years old?
  4. Thank you very much for the advice. So who do I send the letter to? VCS or BW Legal or both? Is it the denial of debt letter that I am looking for? Surely they must get loads of people saying "not me Guv!"? Appreciate your help
  5. HI...Brand new to this forum but hoping for guidance. In 2010 I started to get correspondence from VCS stating I had parked outside the bays at Valley C entertainment Leisure Fund. I had no clue what this was about and wrote to them to explain my number plates had been previously stolen and that I suspected this was who had broken their parking rules . I even gave them the crime reference number. I still got letters and calls from them and some legal team I think but eventually they stopped. I presumed the message had finally got through. Today I get a lett from BW Legal saying VCS Ltd have instructed them in relation to the pcn....plus initial legal costs the demand is £174. I no longer have any of the details from 2010.. ..so any guidance on how to proceed would be welcomed. Thanks vry much.
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