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  1. thank you for the reply ericsbrother although the mobile phone is company issued so im unable to change my number the rest of your reply was very helpful in making things clear. thanks
  2. My job as a roadside tech ( recovery driver ) is a Monday to Friday 10am till 8pm once a week I cover a night shift from end of my day shift 8pm till 8am the following day then start my day shift again at 10am Long hours I know and the night shift or being on call out as its known is unpaid unless im actually called out to a job then im paid by the hour at overtime rate from job start to job finish usually 1 or 2 hours. The call outs are sent via a night controller who sends me the jobs by SMS to my mobile phone, the night controller is as expected paid to take the jobs and relate them to me and answer calls from customers, my issue is my boss as mentioned he is considering diverting the phones direct to my mobile and therefore not having to pay someone else to control the night shift as I myself would be taking calls from customers and accepting jobs as do other members of staff when its their turn to cover the nights but as like them I am expected to do this without pay myself. I did actually ask my boss how much he is paying me if I was to do this his reply was nothing its part of the job, now I may be stupid at times but I'm guessing that if I'm answering the works phone calls from customers after my day shift as ended then I'm actually working overtime during that phone call and therefore would i be correct in assuming i should be paid to do this ? cheers to all replies M
  3. I drive a company vehicle ( recovery truck ) as part of my duties and as with all of the company vehicles it as a tracker fitted for purposes of theft and or monitoring the location of the truck and myself to see if im in a location or area or if im going to be in that location within a time slot to attend another job, I have no issues about this at all as it makes sense and is cost effective to my company to send the nearest truck to attend a brake down, my niggle is this, my employer as given the log in details of the tracker to one of my co workers who when not engaged in work duties logs in to the tracker on his mobile phone and checks other drivers locations including my own, i have asked him countless times not to do this as i see this as an invasion of my privacy and see no reason for him to know were i am, his answer is always the same ( hes not watching me, hes watching the truck ) and this same answer as been repeated by my employer when ive brought the issue up in front of him although the truck is issued to me and parked at my home address when im off shift and not used by other drivers, i also feel as hes doing this during the shift hes also watching me when hes off shift as my shift ends 2 hours after his but i have no way of proving that its just a feeling, i have also brought it to his attention that im sure its a breach of the Data protection act as the information is in fact being distributed by him having the log in details for the tracker, so the question is, is there any laws on this and can i do something to actually stop my co worker spying on me ? or do i just bite my lip and put up with it,
  4. hi guys newby here so please bare with me and I hope this is the right forum for my questions, last year my 17 year old daughter purchased a 1988 ford fiesta as a project ( needing work ) for when she passes her driving test, I was tasked to do the work on the car as i work at a garage involved in vehicle repairs and recovery, I asked my employers permission to bring the car into work and use one of the car ramps for the repairs needed and was granted the permission to do so in my spare time, a few weeks after the work had started in October 2016 the garage was broken into and a fire started which caused some significant damage to the car, blistering paintwork melting window seals carpets roof lining dashboard ect rendering the car beyond economical repair, at this time the garage was deemed unsafe and closed down for over six months before the companies insurance started the work on repairs and emptying the garage, about 5 weeks ago the fiesta was removed from the garage by means of a winch dragging it out causing more damage to the underside as the rear wheels hubs and fuel tank had been removed for repair purposes and then being left outside for 2 days before the insurance company sent another recovery company to remove the car, im actually a little upset at this as at no time as the insurance company spoken to me about the car to ask for value details or to inform me or my daughter of their intentions with the car, now in the past couple of weeks ive asked my employer 3 times for the insurance company details as I wish to contact them regarding the car but the answer from him is he will ring them to see and they are out of the office, this seems to me to be a stalling tactic, my problem is not knowing who is liable for the car now, the garage that employs me or their insurance ? as the car wasn't on the road my daughter didn't take out a policy of her own and now she as no car ( as we don't know were its gone ) and no pay out for her loss, can anyone shed some light on whether or not I have a right to make a claim against either the garage or the garages insurance for the loss of the car. many thanks mark
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