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  1. thank you everyone for your help. I just needed reassurance on what to do. you've all been very helpful
  2. I have just been issued a letter from a debt collection agency. I'm just checking that you believe I should ignore these letters and eventually they will go away? I'm assuming if I ring up debt collection agency and say I can't pay that I will then technically be agreeing that the debt is mine. also just checking that the debt collection don't just like turn up at your house or anything or is that just high court that do that?
  3. Thank you. Yes I will not be contacting them at all. If I do they just seem to not listen anyway. From the emails I have sent ages ago before all the calls they completely ignored the fact that I sent them a crime reference number from action fraud. P.S. action fraud got back to me and they couldn't find any significant leads that would enable them to: a) recover the money or b) prosecute the women who did this. Therefore, they have closed the case unless they gain any more information.
  4. Thank you. I haven't blocked the calls and I probably will just leave them to ring instead of blocking them. Im just going to ignore them until I start receiving stuff that becomes extremely worrying like court letters.
  5. Thank you for your help! I have completely ignored paypal so far. All i have received our calls from the debt collection number for paypal and i have not answered a single one. Only found out about the number through Google and then emailed paypal on my new account to find out whether this number was genuine or another person trying to [problem] me. I do have a call blocker on my phone so I will put it on now probably. I didnt originally as I wanted to see how often they would call. Just today already I have had 3 calls. One at 10:15, one at 12:14 and another at 13:14. They seem to be becoming desperate but its surprising how they have not sent any letters to my address and the only way they are contacting me is through phone which is so easy to ignore these days. I'm going to leave it now until I receive any worrying letters coming through the door. However, I am a student so I don't live at my home address all year and I will be returning in september so if i receive any letters at all I won't be here to actually receive them....oh well lol
  6. Thank you very much for your help! I am definitely the one that has been scammed here so I see where you are coming from. All of the reassurance is making me feel better about my situation and ignoring paypal. Did you end up paying the negative balance in that case and may I ask roughly what the amount was?
  7. did you get calls from the 0208 number they use for debt collection? also, how many letters would you say you received from the debt collector and how long ago was all of this?
  8. if this happens then would they just request the money to be paid and if not then i would have to go to court to decide whether the money gets paid? if it comes to this, then i would probably just pay it to get them off my back as its so much hassle and stress that i would prefer to deal without. also as a uni student the concept of money for me is not yet there as it usually just comes and goes anyway. thanks so much for your help though. Paypal have stopped calling on the number that they were using. hoping this doesnt mean that they're onto the DCA's now about getting it. surprised i have not received a letter in the post from paypal tbh. also, as i dont live at home during term time im worried about letters being sent to my house from late september and obviously i wont receive them if im not here.
  9. thank you very much. luckily enough i am a uni student and have an interest free bank account that the money had been taken from. therefore, i will not get any overdraft charges on the account which is lucky.
  10. Okay thank you. So they could take me to court if paypal wanted to pursue it? The debt is somewhere betweeen 400 and 600. Not sure exactly but i think its closer to 400. Would this be an amount large enough for them to be worth chasing me? The really annoying thing is thay because the paypal account is shut there is no way for me to see what the active balance is and whether they have just decided to write off the negative balance on the account.
  11. thank you so much for your help! the past month has been horrendous with constant worry and fear of what may happen as well as regret. what is the worst a debt collection agency can do??? will it just be to collect the money that is negative on my paypal balance??
  12. I have already contacted action fraud 3 - 4 weeks ago. they were looking into it and gave a crime number. I have not received the calls i was receiving since saturday which was surprising since they usually call most days. my main issue i dont want to make it worse than it is by not paying the money back. if my account is in negative balance does that mean that they have paid the money to the people and they are now chasing me for the money or have they not paid the people and are relying on me to pay?? also, what will the debt collection agency do? i have not actually had any letters from paypal or emails regarding the debt collection, it is just from the number that has been calling me that i know about this
  13. I am out of pocket at the moment yes from the immediate after effect. I am currently in my overdraft. People also understandly want their money back who have had money taken from their account and have request money back through paypal. I want to pay them back because they dont deserve to loose money like me. I would prefer for me to be in my overdraft and pay back the other people lost money from my stupid mistake and being so gullible than to leave them with nothing. I just want everything to be over with and them to have their money back so I can then get myself out of my overdraft and get on with life as it was before. I have also contacted paypal about this number and they have told me that it is one of their numbers that they use for negative balances and debt collection so I will be onto them tomorrow about sorting out my negative balance.
  14. Thank you for your help. I have searched up the number in google and apparently it is not paypal from previous people who have had calls from this number before. I've also shut down the paypal account so theres no way for me to get into the account. This means I can't see whats going on with my account..... I have previously rang paypal about this and all they have said is they cant help.
  15. what do you reckon will happen? have i committed an offence? i still can't believe i fell for it because of seeing it on facebook i thought it may be genuine compared to receiving a dodgy email. im so gullible its unreal. i feel so stupid for having done anything and i wish i hadnt now. :(
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