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  1. can they do that without me going to court?? theyve never written to me
  2. Hi All, I had car insurance with Quick Fit back in 2016 and after writing my car off I cancelled my direct debit as I didnt have a car to be insured. I have just noticed an email in my junk mail from Helix Collections chasing me for the "debt" which is now £200 when i think i only owed about £50 to Quick Fit. they have emailed twice in the past two weeks threatening further action and offering a 20% discount. Shall i just keep on ignoring them?? HERE'S THE LATES EMAIL.... Our Ref: XXXXXXXX Debt Type: Kwik-Fit Car Insurance Client Ref: XXXXXXXX Balance: �198.28 Telephone: 0203 096 XXXX (Calls are recorded) OFFICE HOURS 9AM TO 7PM MON - FRI 9AM 1PM SAT Dear Mr XXXX XXXXXXXX SETTLEMENT OFFER TO AVOID FURTHER ACTION We write again regarding the below vehicle, reference to the debt for �198.28 registered in your name for a Credit Agreement you had for car Insurance, which was underwritten by Kwik Fit Insurance, on a VAUXHALL on Reg XXX XXXX, which remains outstanding despite our best efforts to date no reasons relating to your circumstances has been given by you or an authorised third party. However, to stop the need for further collection activity, we are willing to work with you on an affordable payment plan, depending on affordability and if you are up to date with your priority debts, we have suggested an option below but are happy to discuss other options. 25% DISCOUNT. We are willing to accept the sum of �148.71, to settle your contractual defaulted debt, once this sum has been received the debt is cleared in full. Repayment plans We can offer repayment plans over 6 instalments of �24.79 Maintaining payments or settling your account will be positively reflected if your debt is registered with the Credit Reference Agencies. TO MAKE PAYMENT All payments through the post should be made payable to Hellix Limited with our reference number clearly stated at all times. You can make payment by Standing Order, or if your bank account allows by On-line or telephone banking Quoting Account Number 08763317 Sort Code 09-01-28 and our reference number, you can also make payment at any Santander Branch with our above bank details. Payments can be made by calling 020 3096 5899 Yours sincerely
  3. Guys. Ive just realised that the NTK i recieved doesnt mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA)...Is that a problem for them? Also, since i last posted, I have recieved another demand/threat from Debt recovery plus and from Zenith collections, whime i believe are he same company.... Shouls I contact the parking company at all? or just keep ignoring? Thanks in advance
  4. hi all. thanks for all the advice so far. we've just received a letter now from DRP (debt recovery plus) who seem to have taken over the debt for their "clients". I have up until this point ignored everything. is there anything else I need to do at this point? i will upload the letter tomorrow when I get home
  5. Hi again, Ive received my FINAL NOTICE in big red letters!!ei I had a look at post 13 but that seems to be about parking permits. The land i was on didnt issue permits. It was just an agreement that the tenant had with the estate agents. But now im being told that the tenant is supposed to inform the landlord when they have someone parking there so their reg plate is registered. Hope that makes sense.. by the way i parked here every day for 9 months with no problem before this. Then one day, all the cars there got tickets .. Now im a bit worried that although i had permission from the tenant (my friend), he hasnt informed the landlord that i was there. will that make any difference? 2018-09-20 NE Parking Final Notice.pdf
  6. sorry, I was just after someone to advise me. il try and have a read through when I have time. I just find it a little difficult to navigate, plus I don't k ow what info is accurate and what is just opinion. Thanks for your help
  7. Thanks. Just to be clear, can you tell me why the NTK isnt compliant? I only ask because the notice is in my wifes name so shes harrassing me to just pay it. Are you confident that i won't have a problem?
  8. sorry i forgot about that. here are the files parking leter 2 pdf.pdf parking letter 08.09.18 pdf.pdf
  9. OK guys, the "Notice to Keeper" letter has arrived. Please can you advise wh my next move is.. Thanks
  10. Thanks for your help. I think i posted the pics twice so you might need to delete them again. Here is the PDF and Il get pics of the signage when i go back to tomorrow pcn.pdf
  11. The date of infringement was 05/08/2018 I havent appealed or contacted them at all yet I havent recieved a NTK with any photographic evidence. just a PCN with a paymen slip the parking company is NE PARKING LTD The car park is behind Adelaide Court, Rear adelaide street, Blackpool
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