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  1. Okay, I know everyone has told me to ignore it but I can't escape that niggling feeling that my situation is somehow different and by ignoring I'm making it worse for myself. I don't want any trouble with police or courts etc......i just want it to stop. I try to get on with my life but everytime I feel like it could be done with i get a letter or in this case a phone call and I'm reminded it's not. I just don't want my previous housemates to give them my new address so I can have them knocking here - .- it's been ages since they last contacted me so why are they even bo
  2. Im just worried about letters and home visits as I've moved and don't really want them showing up at my old address :/
  3. Hi all, have not received another letter since my last post however have had 3 voicemails left by 'County Collections' ?? Their website claims they will try every avenue to recover a debt: telephone, letter, home visits and eventually legal action... .. Just wondering if something has changed as I was told it would be a different debt collector and also I don't think it's random that I get 3 calls from the same people...
  4. I have thought about seeking legal advice but truth be told i'm terrified. If RLP is just about scaremongering then it's working. I'm absolutely terrified of being judged by a solicitor and absolutely terrified at the thought of this going further. Other people have beeped on the way out and have been fine. It's only me that they've treated like this (to my knowledge) I've received another letter, I will attach it to this message. I'm seriously freaking out. I have a good job now that I enjoy which is also an apprenticeship so im learning too. ...
  5. This is my 3rd letter from RLP now, am I still ignoring? Has anything been said that I should worry about? The way they word letters like this confuses me especially when I'm panicking about the letter itself. RLP Letter 3.pdf
  6. See, I want to talk to someone about it without being judged or looked down on, and as far as I know there aren't many people I can confide in that can help me. This site is helping me so much, I literally came home and had a cold flush all over and pins and needles and felt sick but im starting to calm down. I really appreciate the quick replies too. And thank you for fiddling with the letter. I did try and read it over and over to really understand it but those certain words and sentences really freaked me out.
  7. Yeah I was told that once they get a response they won't stop. But this letter mentioned further actions being taken against me several times, it feels like they're saying 'do you have anything else to add before we do you over?'
  8. Guys I've ignored the first letter, now I've received my second. I will attach a photo of the letter. What do i do now? Still ignore? Has my situation changed? RLP letter 2.pdf
  9. thanks so much guys, its really helped calm me down a lot! don't feel like i'm going to have a heart attack anymore haha x
  10. What bothers me is that in the letter it states that I HAVE taken something and says yes i'm guilty and i have stolen. I have not. It literally is just a case of things adding up which aren't related but which make me look like i am guilty which is why when i explained it, it did nothing to help my case because i know how it sounded. its a pooey situation and i would never put myself in it because of my anxiety. 2016 staff theft letter before claim.pdf
  11. is it literally just them trying their luck to see which vulnerable people agree to it and pay up? like do they just terrorize people with these letters? i read that its gonna go on for quite some time, do you have any idea how long i'll be receiving letters for?? thanks x
  12. I'll try to scan it somehow and post it, so that means I just do as you've all been saying and just IGNORE everything unless it mentions court? Thank you for the quick reply btw coz I actually felt my heart drop out of my bum when i opened the letter this morning, feeling a little bit calmer now.
  13. I've read a fair few posts about ignoring these letters and all but would like to know if my situation is any different. I set off the security things on my way out from work one night (I used to work at TkMaxx) and we couldn't find what set the beeping off. I later phoned back to say i'd found a soft tag that i'd been playing with stuck to my magnetic name badge. The only thing bothering them was that i had a top in my bag that i had no receipt for. The last purchase i made was for a grey vest and the top i had in my bag was white with black sleeves. i had had an a
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