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  1. Thanks guys for your help. It's kind of been resolved, though EE are saying that because the contract was set up through a third party the cancellation fee has to be paid. However, Carphone Warehouse have agreed that any costs incurred will be covered by them because I cancelled within 7 working days so come under their 'no coverage' agreement. It's been really hard to find information on buying stuff through a third party and nowhere on the EE website does it state anything about buying through third parties. Watch this space, I may be back.
  2. Yes over the phone. Carphone Warehouse then tried to sort it out their end as EE would not give me my PAC number and agreed to e-mail me with updates. I was so annoyed that I phoned EE next day who then said that Carphone Warehouse had to cancel the contract by e-mail and that I would not pay a charge ,I explain that Carphone Warehouse had tried to do that. Carphone Warehouse then telephoned me to ask me to go back in so that they could sort out getting me back to Vodafone and a new handset. I went in on Thursday 7th July (which is still within 14 days).
  3. I set up a 24 month contract with EE via Carphone Warehouse Shop on (Sunday) 25th July. Coverage was checked and it seemed to be ok. However, when I got home I had no coverage whatsoever and had none for the rest of the week. I phoned Carphone Warehouse who told me that I would have to go into the shop and cancel with them. I work during the week so could only go in on the following Sunday (3rd July). Carphone Warehouse had no problems with me cancelling, but when they tried to get my PAC code from EE which I had to authorise the EE operator told me t
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