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  1. Just got out of court, VCS sent a Solicitor . The judge asked us both to just answer yes or no as he read the main points rather than read any statements. He pulled VCS up on the fact that the vcs contact was out dated, with excel and not stag hold and missing the 2nd page showing a plan of the area. The solicitor tried to jump in but the judge reminded him rather sharply that it was just yes or no. The judge then said that the claim would be dropped as there was no contract with the land owner. I WON !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone on the forum. Without you I wouldn't have stood a chance. THANKYOU !
  2. Wow , thanks for that I will read it through again tonight on the computer anc print of the links Thznks
  3. Sorry about that the bw statement is attached with the missing page, and a darker version of the contract (page 9) hope you can read it ok. bw 1_Combine.pdf
  4. attached is the contract again if anyone couldnt see it in the previous post. also the page i missed , sorry VCS WS .pdf
  5. Thanks I am away today, but first thing jnthd morning I will post the contract
  6. What i have found on the parking prankster blog are these, but they all refer to incorrect signage. http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/vehicle-control-systems-lose-wrong.html http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/vehicle-control-services-discontinue.html I dont know if these are the ones you were refering to, there are also about half a dozen other cases that were dropped that refer to the same car park where the main signs say excel and the ticket was VCS. In my case the signage said VCS. The contract between VCS and EXCEL is a fixed twelve month contract from march 13 , so unless there is another one i guess it has run out anyway. Does the contract between VCS and Excel not give VCS the right ? obviously still not seen the contract between staghold and excel below is a letter for you to look at and amend/scrap. not quite sure how to word it. got most off PP Dear BW Legal, The land owners contract is between Staghold Ltd and Excel Parking Limited and therefore Vehicle Control Services have no locus standi I therefore look forward to receiving your notice of discontinuance within 7 days. If you fail to cancel the hearing I will ask for my full costs under 27.14(2)g https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/rules/part27#27.14 This will include my full time spent on this matter at the litigant in person rate of £19/hour. I refer you to the following blog posts, which confirm you are well aware of this matter from other cases. http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/vehicle-control-systems-lose-wrong.html http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/vehicle-control-services-discontinue.html I will make the court aware of these blog posts should you proceed to a hearing, as well as these cases which you are fully aware of. Discontinued VCS v Zozulya A8QZ6666 VCS v Ms M 3QZ53955 VCS v Ms O C8DP9D8C VCS v Mr H C2DP0H7C VCS v Mr W C1DP3H5V
  7. attached is the statement. sorry i missed rotating a couple of pictures. Yes the photo copies are that bad its not my scanner
  8. Thats what I thought. do I keep this till the court day or should I add this to the additions of my witness statement?
  9. Just had the BW legal pack through today. its 30 odd pages but i can scan and compact to a pdf if required. A couple of things stand out 1. Their contract is not between VCS and staghold ltd, but VCS and Excel Parking with no mention of Excel Parkings contract with Staghold 2. In court they will be represented by an Advocate not the solicitor who prepared the document. 3. In their evidence pack the original parking ticket and the parking officers statement are photocopies and illegible.
  10. I put the WS on the forum, but left it a bit tight for time and thought i had better take it in this morning. Better get that lifeboat ready
  11. I read and printed out the info about using people to represent them the other day . Because it needed to be in today. And I didn't want it to be late I have delivered them today and they should have got them by now:-x
  12. Well it had to be delivered to day so it looks like I have messed it up big style. As today is 2 weeks before the case I should also have bw legal evidence, however this has not arrived I intend to go to the court on the day so if there are any tips to salvage my mess up ?
  13. I have the latest witness statement after a bit of shuffling around and will be posting this morning Vehicle Control Services Limited v Mr xxxxx xxxxxx page 1 xx Claim xxxxxx I xxxx xxxx Collins of xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx State : 1 On 17/4/2016 I travelled to sheffield with my son to play a show at SOUTH SEA LIVE, 3 Spooner Rd, Sheffield (exhibit RC1 & RC2). 2 We saw the car park sign (exhibit RC3 & RC4) and pulled up at the back of the pub close to the wall. 3 We spoke to the landlord and he said we were fine where we were as long as we were close to the wall (exhibit RC5 & RC 6 & RC7* ). 4 *Exhibit 7 shows the building with the new name of the bar “Blues” as South Sea Live closed a few months later. 5 We started to unload the equipment from the car through the black fire doors (exhibit7) and set it up in the venue, after about 10 minutes whilst putting some of the equipment back into the car we found the parking charge notice (exhibit RC8 ). 6 The car park charge notice sign (exhibit RC9)that was on the wall looked like it was refering to a service yard to the right and not to the area we were unloading in. 7 An aerial view with approximate positions can be seen in exhibit RC10. 8 A CPR 31.14 request was made by myself (exhibit RC11) to which an inadequate response was received failing to answer any of the requests (exhibit RC12). 9 The land to which the PCN referes (exhibit RC13) to is owned by STAGHOLD LIMITED, but is under control of Britania Building Society (exhibit RC14) and as such VCS have no authority to form a contract. 10 Our contract was with South Sea Live and not with Vehicle Control Services Limited. 11 I believe that the facts stated in the witness statement are true xxxx xxxx 16/5/2017
  14. I have been told that the mortgage was defaulted, however looking through the stuff at companies house I think it was paid up in may 06, I dont have a clue about these things. i have added the two documents. all the other companies house stuff is in my evidence pack in my earlier post Thanks mortgage satisfaction 17-5-06.pdf mortgage charge 16-1-96.pdf
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