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  1. This all started when I made a complaint about the tenant upstairs and his laminated flooring which is against his tenancy agreement my housing officer said to me he is not allowed laminated flooring. I then had a meeting with two other HO both of whom i could tell didnt like me and had been stalking my file as they mentioned how i had issues with my last neighbour. so this has been going on for 12months, My HO has now stated he is allowed laminated flooring and she has gotten very rude to me. before she seemed on my side now i dont know what has happened. (upstairs tenant has g
  2. HA have done things i believe are a breach of data protection and it is bascially to turn everyone against me, it is two particular housing officers who are starting this hate campaign because they have lied and claimed the tenant upstairs is allowed laminated flooring and he is not. 1) I asked the HO not to speak to police about my case, she did this anyway and she also used my "block" on her speaking with police against me (even though i found out she did) 2) HO has told tenant above me I am getting an eviction notice. I was informed this information via the mediator. I spoke to t
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