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  1. thanks guys i will do this, i did raise a complaint with the ceo this morning i sent it
  2. This all started when I made a complaint about the tenant upstairs and his laminated flooring which is against his tenancy agreement my housing officer said to me he is not allowed laminated flooring. I then had a meeting with two other HO both of whom i could tell didnt like me and had been stalking my file as they mentioned how i had issues with my last neighbour. so this has been going on for 12months, My HO has now stated he is allowed laminated flooring and she has gotten very rude to me. before she seemed on my side now i dont know what has happened. (upstairs tenant has gone on to harrass me by keying car and other bullying things, police are involved) I had noise recorders which this HO said would be listened to via a third party however another HO listened to it and i do beleive it was downplayed however it did pick up noise and they suggested rugs (which did nothing) I have given them written confirmation from a doctor my health is affected and nothing. after they started ignoring my complaints i got a solictor involved. This is when the "damage control" came into play. My HO has said I refused to do mediation and I refused her help (lies) HO has written me a warning claiming i am throwing rubbish around and leaving the door on the latch and if it continues i will get legal action on me. I WAS FURIOUS at this as you wont take legal action against a breach of tenancy but you will against fake allegations? right anwyay they have told the tenant i am being evicted. The mediator was informed as well and she told me due to: I make up complaints about the tenant above. I phoned crimestoppers and called him a paedophile. I have 10 names and get parcels delivered to me in these 10 names. This is all bull**** I have not made up any complaints as the noise recorders proved this. He has laminated flooring they know it causes noise issues. He has also made up complaints about me which have 0 proof, he said i play music at 2 am and NOTHING on noise recorders but im evicted? I did NOT phone crimestoppers, this is a new thing to me and i am currently having police deal with it, crimestoppers even said they would never give reports of people who have called. The mediator literally tried to get me to admit to this, i said i caleld police for him smoking weed and his harrassment nothing else to do with paedos and she then started questioning me on why i am calling crimstoppers to report someone smoking weed. How is this your business? and secondly i phone police not CS I do not have 10 names and even if i did how is it your business? i am not doing anything sinister. I get parcels delivered here for a friend of mine due to hers being stolen at her property. It is not some big conspiracy and nothing in my tenancy states i cannot do this. This neighbour has made up all this **** about me but nothing no eviction but me an eviction how is this fair? they are also using the fact i was racially abused by another neighbour which couldnt be proved and they said i made this up as well and have a "history" of making up complaints about people, but every complaint anyone has made about me nothing has been proven. With mine there has been some proof. either way this is long but it is 4 am and cannot sleep my head is [edited]. I cannot take this **** anymore why are they picking on me like this!
  3. HA have done things i believe are a breach of data protection and it is bascially to turn everyone against me, it is two particular housing officers who are starting this hate campaign because they have lied and claimed the tenant upstairs is allowed laminated flooring and he is not. 1) I asked the HO not to speak to police about my case, she did this anyway and she also used my "block" on her speaking with police against me (even though i found out she did) 2) HO has told tenant above me I am getting an eviction notice. I was informed this information via the mediator. I spoke to the mediator today who claimed the HO only "said if there are any more complaints" funny he knew I was being served one though 3) HO has told mediator I had issues with another neighbour, she also told mediator i am from a domestic violence background which is why i had to move out my last property and the criminal is from "said area" 4) HO has told tenant upstairs i have other ASB against me, she said "loads" (from who?) the only thing i have written proof on is her saying she hasnt spoken to police due to my block but an email from police to confirm she is and that "several neighbours" apparently have a problem with me what can i do about this? I dont know if the mediator will admit to anything maybe if she was interviewed or required by court
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