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  1. Hi I so is it a separate letter I send to Kennys claiming back the charges and ask for no more to be added, or at this stage do I just send an SAR and put the notes in? I just do not want them thinking I'm not prepared to discuss a payment plan as I am, but I'm not willing to pay exessive charges. Also I have now my financial statement ready do I sent this or do I just send the SAR? I just do not want them using anything against me as I am willing to work out a plan. Also as GE never chased payment and I an clearly see a monthly £50.00 administration fee along additional interest fees, can I claim this back? If so what form do I use and it this now through GE or Kennys? Thanks in advance for all your help
  2. Question : Does the SAR go to Kensington or GE or do I send one to each company? As for the arrears (mortage) - there is no dispute from me, but its the £4,500 fees that Kensington have added on in the 6 weeks we have been with them that I want them to explain.
  3. Thanks folks. Very informative. We have had two, and two only, letters from Kensington since they took over our mortgage at the end of May. We responded to the first and now, today, we get the second letter. Other than that we have never telephoned them or spoke to anyone in their offices so these `fees` seem ridiculous to say the least. OK, mortgage arrears are my fault and I take responsibility but the £4,500 Kensington have added on are what I cannot get my head around - and they have only been with me 6, possibly 7 weeks!
  4. Hi all. Today I received a letter detailing my arrears on my mortgage. Now Kensington have recently took over my mortgage from GE Money. GE sent a final letter to us a short while ago showing arrears of around £8000 (bad I know) but now Kensington have sent me a letter (received today) showing : Payment Arrears : £8946 Other : 0 Insurance Related Charges : 0 Fees and Security Related Charges : £4496 Total arrears : £13442 Does anyone know what the hell FEES AND SECURITY RELATED CHARGES are and can they add that much to an already heavy debt/burden? I dont know what this fee is for and they do not explain anywhere as to what is it for? As for as Im concerned, my arrears are £8946 and no more! We are paying are regular monthly payments as normal but trying to add a little extra each month to get the arrears down. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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