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  1. Just thought I'd post this quick update: I sent the SB letter with my new house address on it. A few days letter I noticed I stopped receiving calls but still hadn't received a response. it's been approx. 3 weeks so I decided to go and collect all letters from my previous address. I noticed I received a letter from Erudio who confirm my account is indeed statute barred, the balance in no longer due and they have closed the account! RESULT!!! Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed, especially to you DX!!!
  2. Not posted on this thread for a while but just need further advice please if anyone can help? I returned back to the UK over a year ago and during this time have been receiving phone calls and letters from Erudio. So far, I have ignored all of these. I've now just moved house and am unsure of whether I should contact Erudio and let them know: * my new address * that I believe my loans became statute barred in Nov last year (My last payment to them was in (2011). I guess I'm mainly just concerned that they may try and get a CCJ against me without knowing? Anyone
  3. Thank you all for your response. I've been checking with parents and they've not received a call or letters again. I've also today been offered a job abroad which I'm thinking of taking. Again shall I sit tight/ inform Erudio I'll be moving abroad?
  4. Hi, if anyone can help? Went to my parents a few days ago and received an unexpected call on their house phone (was living there years ago whilst a student). Turned out to be Erudio, I thought they were trying to flog off something and hung up. After googling them yesterday, I understand they're the new student loans company. I had taken some students loans, prior to 1998 (mortgage style) and some around 2007 (comes directly out of Pay). It turns out that the last time I paid anything towards and deferred my mortgage style loan was in 2011 and since then have
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