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  1. Dear All, My daughter back in May received 2 Parking charge notices from parking eye for her car being parked at Charnock Richard Services on the m6 north, she checked the dates when her car was parked and being that i am the only other person to drive her car and plus the fact she rarely drives on the motorway it was clear that it was in fact me driving the car at the time, when she called parking eye she gave them my details to which i do not have a problem with. Now i have the 2 parking charges and they are asking me to pay £100 for each of these or £60 each if i pay within the 14 days of this order being sent to me, i spoke to parking eye this afternoon and they have said it has been put on hold for 14 days to allow me to appeal and after that they will pursue it further, i have seen a few appeals have been won by not clear signage and parking eye not being the landowner etc i am wondering if this is the case and how do i go about it. I would really appreciate it if anybody could help me with this.
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