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  1. Hello there. I may have got myself in a muddle. I claim £41/week for my child's care costs but in reality, the charges have gone up significantly. I haven't increased the claim as I have had help from my family and have managed, and most importantly, trying to get through my BA studies, single-parenting and a self-employed job, didn't leave me time to even think about a phone call or filling in new forms. So I left it. Now, I have a check, wanting me to provide 'any invoices/receipts/bank statements showing actual childcare providers from 6 April 2015 to 5 April 2016'. I have receipts for the amount of £1231.5 for the year. (£23.7/week - instead of £41/week, which I claimed) And, to mess things up further, my family paid £5862.18 for the year (£112.7/wk - which I didn't tell them about as I got help from my family for it). So I have actually paid heaps more for childcare than what I claimed for... I don't really know how to proceed. I think I've messed it right up... Any clues on how to resolve this would be hugely appreciated...
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