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  1. Ok thank you so much both for your prompt reply. The letter talks about legal action, do you think they will take me to court?
  2. @ericsbrother and @dx100uk please could you help me again? Thanks so much in advance
  3. Hi, need your help again please, now I've received this letter from Gladstones Solicitors, wasn't expecting to get this now I'm not sure what to do. Would be really grateful for any advice. Cheers, Melissa
  4. Thanks for your advice @dx100uk and @ericsbrother after looking up UK Car Park Management I've found they are not members of either BPA or IAS that they refer to. Debt Recovery Plus is a member of IAS though. I've never experienced anything like this before so started to worry when I got these 2 letters. Thanks so much for your help! Much appreciated. Cheers
  5. Hi @ericsbrother I've received two further letters.. ..now from Debt Recovery Plus and I was hoping for some further advice on what I should do please? Starting to panic, plus I am now out of the country as I moved abroad this month...eeek! Any advice from yourself or anyone else would be really appreciated. I've attached the two letters I have received. Cheers pixie888
  6. Great, thank you for your help ericsbrother!! I'm really grateful. Will take your advice and see if they pester me anymore, fingers crossed they don't. Have a great evening. Cheers, pixie888
  7. Hi ericsbrother, I didn't realise you'd replied to me till now, apologies for the delay. Thank you so much for your advice, really appreciate it! All that you say makes complete sense. They've sent me another letter which I've attached, do you suggest I still ignore? Thank you so much again for your help Many Thanks, pixie888 CPM Formal Demand.pdf
  8. Hi Guys, Really hoping someone can help me with this as have read several forums now and I'm really confused/worried on what I should do next. I'll give an overview of what's happened and have also answered the questions suggested in other threads below.. .if someone could please help me with this I'd be really grateful: A few weeks ago on 2nd June I parked on what I thought was a side street, there were double yellow lines on the main road and the double yellow lines stopped at the entrance of the side street. There was an office on the left to where I parked which had a gated entrance and a sign attached saying "Private Property" which looks like the area beyond the gate is private. On the left hand side of the road there were also yellow hazard/no parking cones. On the right hand side (the side that I parked on) there were no cones and no signs either. There were also no signs at the entrance of the street which is why I believed it to be a public road. On the right hand side a few yards from the road there is a warehouse type building with "Private Property" signs on its wall, between the wall and the road there is a wooden barrier and between the barrier and the warehouse wall there is an area for cars to park which looks like a private car park for the warehouse which gives the impression that the private property signs are for this area. I parked here for 15 minutes upon my return found a sticker stuck to my drivers side mirror, telling me I've been issued a fine and to contact the number provided for parking advice. I called the number and it put me through to Leeds City Council who then confirmed they had issued no fine. I threw the sticker away assuming it was someone trying to scare monger. A week later I received the attached CPM Letter 1. The letter says I was being charged for not Displaying a Valid Permit but it wasn't clear that you had to display a permit to park on this street and the photos they've taken are at a weird angle. I then looked this up online and sent a letter back to them which was recommended on one of the forums I read, please see attached Letter sent to UKCPM. I have received a letter back and I now don't know what to do next, please see the attachment CPM Letter 2. They haven't answered any of my questions and refer me to a website to review the photos they took online. The information on this is slightly different as online it says the time of issue is 14:29 but the 1st PCN letter says 14:00. 14:29 is definitely not correct as I was back at my car by 14:20. On their signs and 2nd letter to me they've referred to being members of BPA but in the first letter they've referred to IPC. On the BPA site they don't appear to be members. Please can someone advise me on what I should do next, this has never happened to me before : '( I hope I've given enough information. I have some photos of the street where I parked which I'll post below. For tickets received through the post (Notice to Keeper) please answer the following questions: 1 Date of the infringement – 02/06/2016 2 Date on the NTK – 08/06/2016 3 Date received – 13/06/2016 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? - NO 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? – YES – please see letter attached (CPM Letter 1) 6 Have you appealed? Have you had a response? I’ve not appealed but I have sent a letter requesting more information and received a reply, please see attachments Letter sent to UKCPM and CPM Letter 2 7 Who is the parking company? – UK Car Park Management (CPM) 8 For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS – YES its IAS 9 If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here – no further correspondence as yet. Attached are photos of the entrance to the side street where I parked and different views of where I parked. Attached is another photo showing the entrance to the side street from the main road, Private Property sign, warehouse, the land that looks like a private car park outside the warehouse next to the side street and the gated entrance with the sign on the gate. I hope these photos help. CPM Letter 2.pdf CPM Letter 1.pdf Letter sent to UK Car Park Management June 2016.pdf Pics 1.pdf
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