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  1. Maybe stating the obvious, but remember it's Statute Barred in 5 years rather than 6.
  2. Are you sure they weren't granted a Suspended Possession Order?
  3. Hi, Do file attachments get removed from older threads? I have been unable to view attachments from a couple of threads that I've been reading, not sure if that's to be expected or whether it's a problem with my account. Typically what happens if I'm not logged in is that I'm directed to a login page. That's to be expected. However if I then login then sometimes there is now no link available (i.e. the link was there before I logged in, but gone afterwards). Sometimes the link appears to be there but actually loads a blank page. Thanks, Tony S
  4. Check the exact date when the amount of interest charged was changed (or will change). If there's a delay before changing your DD then you've made a small overpayment off the balance. You should be able to confirm this from their statement.
  5. If they provide a statement you should be able to verify that the amount of interest is correct, and that the additional amount that you're paying over and above that interest is being deducted from the balance.
  6. Mine changed almost straightaway. Cheltenham and Gloucester pre-credit crunch tracker.
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