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  1. I had been offered a full package, subscription, box ect as a all in one, that is the main reason I started the thread, they claim to have their own servers for streaming things like BT sport, sky sport and movie channels
  2. Hi So, the ones selling the "ready to go" boxes, you can buy but not really use legally ?
  3. Hey I have been reading up a lot of about IPTV subscriptions and boxes Many of the "illegal" claims seem to be from companies such as sky or virgin media, but many other independent review websites advise it is 100% legal Could it be companies like Virgin and sky are claiming it to be illegal to warm some people off using them Removed What is the REAL legal view on this, I am thinking it is legal as ebay are duty bound to remove anything that is breaking the law
  4. Sorry for posting, anyone give any advice on this ?
  5. Hey I have been advised to post my story here then once it has been assessed it can be moved to the correct section. I had an account with 2checkout.com back in 2012, the account was closed in September 2012. My father recently applied for an account with them and they advised he failed background checks, he contacted them for more information to find out the issues and work to resolve them. The person on the phone told him he had already had an account in 2012 which was closed. My father has never had an account with them and asked for them to email this so called account informa
  6. Thanks for all the feedback, It just sounds very scary the way they have phrased the letter.
  7. Hey Thanks for your reply. I can only think of 2 reasons they would be contacting me First To review what I am currently getting but within the next 2 - 3 will be moving to NEA (New Enterprise Allowance) as I have been working on preparing to start my own business with support from the local job centre Second I live with my parents, I recently decided to really tidy the gardens up (before I do not have as much free time due to nea), I have 2 neighbours who are always reporting people to the council, housing association for no real reason. The reason I was on ESA wa
  8. Hi I received a letter on Saturday, spent all weekend worrying about what it is about. I telephoned the number this morning to try and find out more, was advised he has not looked at the case yet but need to wait until Friday when the interview is booked for. I explained i suffer from serve anxiety and nerves and not knowing what it is about is causing me a huge amount of stress, I explained even an interview with my GP I find very stressful but the person I spoke to could not bring it forward or advise me of anything. Can anyone give me some advice.
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