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  1. The house has a smallish mortgage 120K GBP I could cope with anything else but not this house being taken. Would the fact it is my name only make a difference considering the mortgage in ROI was joint? How long does the high court take? and will they want 366K from us or just the cost?
  2. Yes I own a house in the UK which is actually what i am worried about more than anything, since the amount we owe is such a large amount I am worried that that will be gone. This house was bought with an inheritance from my parents and because of our ages we would prbably never be able to buy in the UK again. The house in the UK is in my name only whereas the house in Ireland was a joint mortgage.
  3. yes i will bring into work and scan tomorrow thank you so much for your help
  4. What is my best course of action? I can't pay the amount, can this effect my life here? I am so worried
  5. Thank you for your replies Hi We have heard nothing at all from the Permanent TSB (mortgage) or AIB (secured loan) they didn't correspond with us even when we lived there. We had no idea about the interest accruing and felt when we left the country that the house had been surrendered to the the banks, they would sell it and that would be it..........in hindsight very naive! We left ROI in 2009 but hadn't paid anything against the loan or mortgage for a year or so before that as we had both lost our jobs. The letter says that they are solicitors working on behalf of Permanent TSB but we have seen no authority from TSB saying they have instructed them. Just that they are looking to secure a judgement against in the high court if we don't pay 366K within 7 days which would not be possible. I think the statute for mortgages is 12 years but I'm not sure
  6. Hi I wondered if anyone could advice me? In 2003 we moved to ROI bought a house got jobs and all was well, we took an additional loan to complete major renovations on our house. Then the recession started, we both lost our jobs we continued to talk to the bank but there was no help available and there was no other work and no way of making a living. In 2009 my mother died suddenly and I realised I couldn't carry on in ROI. We then moved back to the UK, We had heard nothing from the bank from 2009 until yesterday we received a letter from a solicitor saying that they had been instructed as the mortgage and additional loan is in arrears and the interest is continuing to accrue! The amount they want is 366K which they want in 7 days, if that is not paid they are going to issue summary proceedings in the High Court to seek judgement with costs and interest. We have heard nothing from 2009 to now no letters or phone calls.... ..why is this happening now? When we moved to the UK we have had to start again and we have a debt management plan here. I am terrified what does all this mean? what will happen? our life in the last 9 months is just starting to pick up
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