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  1. No I didn't ignore , as I told u I had written to Hamptons in 2013. Didn't get anything from them. No dnt have the full terms and conditions.
  2. I send the CCA request to Hamptons in 2013 after that Lowell didn't send me anything.
  3. After January 2013 I didn't hear anything from them. I had written to Hamptons to prove the debt which they didn't answer . They didn't even send anything saying that Bryan Carter is chasing the debt. I didn't get the claim form. Only I came to know about it when judgement was sent against me, I send an application to set it aside because I had no idea who and what the debt is all about its been going through so many hands. Now after reading witness statement it has occurred to me that I had written to Hamptons which they didn't reply.
  4. the debt is for ikea home card and ikano financial services. Lowell portfolio 1 ltd purchased the debt in 2012. From 2012 it went to red financial service than to Hamptons legal and from here again Lowell portfolio reappeared , then bryan carters and lastly lowell solicitors are the one who send me the witness statement. I had written to Hmaptons legal in 2013 requesting them to prove the debt and they didnt answer . Now after 2013 lowell has obtained the CCA with signature.
  5. Hello all, I'm new to this forum and need help. I have a court hearing to set aside a store card debt which is of £174.34. The judgement was made against me as I didn't get the claim form , now I have a hearing on Monday. This morning I received a witness statement from Lowell solicitors who are Lowell portfolio 1 ltd's solicitors and they have attached a CCA agreement copy with my signature on it. The contract was taken in November 2006. It is not a full agreement on the page with my signature on it. I'm panicking as I have hearing on Monday, plz can anyone advice on CCA section 127(3-4) is in enforceable on my agreement. Any help would be appreciated, I'm nervous and very scared.
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