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  1. Just wanted to update this. I've now managed to have this default removed from Experian and Equifax reports, now just awaiting a response from Callcredit. Both Experian and Equifax quried the validity of the default/account with Lowell and the very quickly responded to both, advising that the address could be updated (to an address which has nothing to do with me). Fingers crossed Callcredit get it sorted and hopefully that's me seen the back of these Lowell [problem] artists.
  2. I've messaged callcredit and equifax to dispute the account with them
  3. Update - I had queried this with Experian but wasn't holding out much hope. Experian have updated me to say they have spoken to Lowell - Lowell have confirmed the debt relates to an address which isn't anything to do with me and have given Experian permission to update the address. That was yesterday and as of this morning, my Experian report no longer shows any account for Lowell and my score has gone up. Surely getting a resolution from these idiots can't be that simple???
  4. Formal complaint letter send to Lowell today. Thanks for the comments, will post their reply when I receive it
  5. So the plot thickens. According to my credit file, the default under Lowell's name is in relation to a 'Communications Account' specifically BT plc. The default amount is around £100. In the latest communication from Lowell, the name Vanquis as the original creditor and the outstanding balance as £886.00. I've since spoken to Vanquis who have confirmed they have an account in my name which was settled (an account I know about) a number of years ago and well managed. They also confirm the account number Lowell are quoting does indeed relate to someone with my name, but a different ad
  6. So what are my options from here then? Wait for Lowell to reply to Experian?
  7. I've just now spoken to Experian who have advised that they will query this as a 'no account' with Lowell. Interestingly, the guy at Experian told me they have this debt as relating to a communications provider, whereas the letter from Lowell tells me it's Vanquis??
  8. Thanks for the reply. This is exactly how the default appears on my Experian file. As I say, it just appeared from nowhere.
  9. Thanks for this. The email was from their 'Head of Customer Services'
  10. Hi I had a default placed on my account by Lowell Portoflio 1 limited. It only appeared about 4 months ago and had no relation to anything else on my credit file - it appeared out the blue as a default with a value of just over £100. I've since sent an initial letter that I found online, talking about how as they are the data processor they are responsible for providing with certain pieces of information etc. I have gone back and forward with them using letters - I had a response from them telling me they were unable to provide any of the information relating to the acc
  11. Hi Guys It was for £107. It has only just appeared there - there was nothing else on my credit file that was behind in payments. I gave them a quick call and it relates to a debt from BT apparently from a number of years ago . The default is in Lowells name , I've never had any default from BT nor have BT ever appeared on my credit report. Thanks Mark
  12. Hi I have just checked my Experian report on Creditexpert and I have a default placed recently on my account from Lowell Group. I have never had any dealing or correspondence that I am aware of from this company. Would really appreciate any information or help on how I can challenge this. Thanks Mark
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