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  1. I will do that, thank you very much for your help, I feel a lot better now unclebulgaria, thank you
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. It couldnt be any of those things as after getting help from here previously I am now always (almost) on top of everything I have just spoken to my neighbour. She came out to see what was going on and to tell him off. Anyway, he told her he is looking for someone called Melissa (she thinks he said) and it was to do with someone using this address for something - but thats all he said. He also said he was an enforcement officer. I have lived here for almost 9 years. No one has ever lived here called Melissa, and also there has never been any post here for anyone of that name, and no one has ever used my address to my knowledge, but it seems that if he was saying he is an enforcement officer then he must be a bailiff if he is trying to get in? With this knowledge, if he calls back should I answer the door? I am worried as he will clearly just come in and start shouting the odds until I prove I am not who he is looking for, and also that I am not hiding this person. I have nothing to hide, but if he just walked in and was aggressive i'd probably do something silly. I have just remembered, a few years ago I had bailiffs here at around 8 in the morning, banging my door really loudly, it woke me up and I answered as they were walking away. They ran back into my garden quite aggressive asking for someone but I can't remember who it was, BUT this was for my house number, in the next street, so I am number 3 something Place, and they were after number 3 something Road which is the next street. I had to show ID to prove who I was back then as well. He told my neighbour he would be putting a letter through my door, but then walked out of my street to his car and did not come back... I feel slightly less worried now, but still a bit shaky with them trying to let themselves in.
  3. Morning, This morning, some one has called to my house and attempted to get in. I was letting the dogs out, and there was a knock on the door. So, trying to sort them out and get them back in takes a while, they are big bouncy dogs. Anyway as I am trying to get them in, there is a man with a photo id around his neck and some sort of ipad in his hands, after the first knock he was shouting 'hello is there anyone in there, pretty loud and constantly, also looking through the kitchen window. I could see him from the garden. As I got into the house I could see the handle on my front door going up and down, so he was on the other side trying to let himself in it seems. Because of this I did not answer the door and stayed in the hallway. He was there for about 20 minutes knocking and shouting hello, is anyone there. Now there is a debt I paying to Lowell monthly via standing order, it has just started but the payment has gone through to them on 1st Dec. I do have another debt which is outstanding with them but I am not in a position to sort that out for at least a couple of months so I am ignoring that for now until I can pay it off - silly I know, but I will sort it out (no threats of CCJ though from anyone currently) I just wondered, is this a debt company? It cannot be a bailiff because I have not been taken to county court by anyone, or could it be the DWP? I cannot understand the person trying to gain access to my house. If my door was not locked he would have been in here and that scares me a lot. No card was put through the door so I have no idea what this is and I am a little worried. I am in receipt of ESA and HB so do wonder if DWP, but still, would they just try to open my front door and walk in?
  4. All sorted. Penalty charges waved, offered £500 at £20 per month (Tomlin order) and its been accepted. I am happy with that, so thank you all again very much, I really appreciate everyones help with this.
  5. Okay thanks Andy, just waiting for the call now. I will update, thanks again for all of the help here.
  6. Sorry Andy, I mean the debt is £981 and then there are a further £900 ish in charges.
  7. So if the original debt is around £900 (£900 in charges) any idea what might be a fair offer?
  8. They have just emailed a copy of the credit agreement, unsigned by me, and also a spreadsheet which is just the original debt and then the charges added up to this date.
  9. Currently having a back and forth with mediation and their representative... I advised the lady that I had no proof of the debt from them (even though I requested it) and they are arranging to email a copy of the credit agreement and debt details, ie itemised charges within the hour. The mediator will then call me again. Not sure if anyone will read this before we resume, but can't really say I know where to go from here.
  10. Ah great, ok I will make sure I am around to take the call then, thanks DX, really appreciate it.
  11. Hi - Really sorry there has been no update, I have a copy of my defence somewhere but I cannot find it, I should be able to by the morning, however it was something like I had previous dealings with the company but do not recognise the debt etc. My mother is in hospital and not expected to last to the end of this week and I have mediation booked for the morning between 9-1. I'm not even sure if I will be here to take the call to be honest, but if I am, I am not sure what the mediation involves, any advice please? I may attempt to cancel the appointment to be fair if I can, but I am just unsure of what to do at the minute.
  12. Hi I sent off my defense with the help of others and I now have a reply. It is a notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track and there is a part regarding mediation. Do I just fill this in and send it back? Thanks very much.
  13. Hi I have so far not heard from Lowell, and the deadline is Friday, so I am not too sure what to do now? Any help is really appreciated. Many thanks.
  14. Thanks for that. So even though she is in receipt of DLA already, it would transfer to AA? If so she is better off with the DLA then. Thanks Peris, I know, it is making me feel ill but sadly it is a very slow process getting help, and it has started, but seems to take forever. Ageuk and CAB have been no use whatsoever and I have been waiting for an appointment with social services for weeks now.
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