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  1. I couldn't say how many times they claim to have visited/charged me for I'm also confused as to what my stance is Do I have to pay their fees Do I have a case in that I paid in full and they are chasing fees - when I had 3 years worth thrown at me, and the council delayed and refused to allow me to pay three times My guess is their fees will be for x y z - whether they really have come round those times I would have no way to prove Is the feeling that I have to pay all their fees ?
  2. Ok Just walked out of my door To find a hand delivered letter on the door mat: Their Company Name Delivered by hand [my name misspelled] Enforcement Notice Client debt 4,917.72 Court fees 0 Compliance fee 75 Enforcement fee 612.00 Total paid 4,917.72 Total Oustanding 637 It then says they have a liability order already issued and they are authorised to remove goods for the balance owed QUESTION This is the first such letter they have left Does this change anything, or what I should say to the council ? Coincidence it was there now Thanks again
  3. P.S. If the council won't take it back [as it's paid] Is there anyway I can 'force' them to Anything clever [in law] I can say over the phone [?]
  4. But if I have paid the council And they are collecting for their fees [to collect in the first place] - can they keep adding on [?] Did the council take it back - when they finally let me pay them [?] As when they said: 'you can't pay us, you have to pay x' And I said: but you gave me three years in one go, and I called to pay, etc There would have been some fees already attached by the debt collectors Though I did try and pay before any of this debt was added - but was waiting for the single person allowance, and the council to get back to me My worry if that it's imporssible for the debt collector to give the account back to council - as they are really only chasing their fees And by the sounds of it adding £110 every time they visit or write to me [?] Goodness knows how much they have added But I will text them that: 'They have made a mistake as I have paid my council tax in full And then I will call the council tomorrow If they had of contacted me three years ago and applied the single persons allowance and got back to me like they said they would - none of this would have happened Yet I'm sure in law, it will all be my fault Grr Thanks again I so lucked out finding this forum
  5. Ok But if they are collecting their 'owed fees' and not council tax - are they still not in their rights - to keep adding on more fees - with each visit I will text them that council tax has been paid in full Then I will call the council to complain - anything you advise me to say, like any special thing to bring up? Thanks again Always wonderful to get help from a womble
  6. As a note - 'keep to the payment' there has been no payment plan I was told of three years - in one go [as it was a new bulid and they missed me - their words]
  7. Full text I got: AUTHORISED*** FINAL NOTICE: YOUR CASE HAS NOW BEEN PRIORITIZED FOR THE REMOVAL OF YOUR GOODS; 30/06 ETA 07:00/21:00 Despite several previous attempts and correspondence, you have failed to keep to the payment of your council tax. We are now informing , that we will be re-attending your property to execute the court distress liability order forthwith with immediate effect to take control of your goods. Be aware that; *FURTHER ENFORCEMENT FEES £110.00 revisit and listing of goods to be sold at auction to cover outstanding balance. These charges are applied on arrival of the enforcement officer. However this action can still be avoided with your cooperation. You need to contact the officer in charge of you case. YOU MUST CONTACT YOUR ENFORCEMENT [name redacted]
  8. In response to the second responder So... If I don't pay - they will send the bill back to the council? I will post their text in full Just need to copy and paste it from my phone to my email - then onto here
  9. Who do I complain to the Council [?] Or the baliffs [?] If they are chasing up their fees and charges - and adding on x amount for each letter/visit - but I have paid the actual council tax - will I have to take them to court, and will they win [?] So I should text them [the baliffs back] and say - 'I have already paid the council tax bill'
  10. Hi I was given three years of council tax to pay in one go I called up to pay, and was told that I could get single persons discount I applied by letter I called back [a few weeks later] and told they hadn’t had the letter from me [in regards to single person discount] So I wrote again, they said I would hear back from them I didn’t hear back Next time I emailed, and got a response that that they had [because of my email] added on the single persons- so they didn't need the letter, from me, in the first place [Grr] I offered [by email] to pay in full but was told that I couldn’t as it was passed on now to the debt collector I called and offered to pay in full but was told it was now with the debt collection and not possible to pay them the council tax I then made another call to council tax [to complain] and was told [for the first time] that I could pay them [and not deal with the debt collection company] – I paid my council tax in full [for the three years] Today I got this text: Authorised*** Final Notice: Your case has now been prioritized for removal of your goods 30/06 Despite several previous attempts and correspondence you have failed to keep to the payment of your council tax We are informing you we will be re attending your property to execute the court distress liability order forthwith with immediate effect to take control of your goods. [i can type up the rest of the text if it’s important] Note: No one has ever been inside my flat I have never spoken to anyone from debt collection - by letter/phone/in person I haven’t read any letters [doesn’t mean I wasn’t sent any – we get loads of junk mail and so most ends up in the bin unread - and there is a chance if they sent letters that looked like junk mail it would have been binned] I have paid the council tax in full – the only arrears can be fees they charged us [?] The council apologised to me – for not having charged me any council tax for three years and then giving it to me [to pay] all in on go As they have never been inside my flat – are the allowed to break in and take goods [?] I was given 3 years council tax in one go [not my fault] – and I offered to pay it over the phone [three times] and by email once, in full – and all but once I was either advised [i could get single persons discount and to apply] or that they could not take any payment for it, as it wasn’t with them anymore. Even though on the last occasion they took the payment [?] I believe that the money [no being chased] is NOT council tax – but money charged by the collection agency – which they presumably have been adding on money to anytime they text or when they come tomorrow As a note the first contact from the council [for the three years of tax] was around this time last year. I believe I paid it – around December 2015 [after getting the run around with single persons allowance and them refusing to take the money as it was with the bailiffs] Can anyone advise me – do I have to let them in? Can I take them to court as the fees are unfair? Etc? The bailiffs [according to the text] are coming tomorrow I’m in London Thanks for any help
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