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  1. To give AO their proper credit, and to I guess finish this thread - partly due to sheer determination and partly due to the advice on this forum, AO have this morning agreed to replace my faulty TV with a different model. Thank you everyone.
  2. I've raised the beginnings of a dispute through my bank Santander... still waiting for a call back from Trading Standards
  3. Thank you - sorry, I slightly mis-stated. It's a Visa Debit. I'm presuming there aren't the same protections. And above - I have written a number of emails but will send a surmisation to their customer services as per your suggestion. Thank you.
  4. Thanks guys - this is where I am at now. I really don't know the next step though. It's a stand-off but they're in control. Is Trading Standards the way to go? It's been 5 days since delivery. Just not sure where to go with it now.
  5. Exactly my point to them - but unfortunately, they were otherwise totally dismissive
  6. I have tried explaining this as best I could with my limited knowledge but to surmise their response, it was: "these are our terms and conditions, and that's it"
  7. Unfortunately, they are saying this is the important bit: If you've used the product We're happy for you to unpack the item and inspect it properly, however, if you've used or installed it, we will only make a partial refund to cover the loss in value of the product. Please note, this could be up to 50% of the price of the item. Your refund will be made within 14 days of collection.
  8. Apologies Order was placed 21st June and delivered on 24th. Website is ao.com - I am unable to post the link directly for some reason.
  9. Hi everyone! Sorry to be one of 'those' people who join in the hope of some free advice but I'm in a bit of a pickle and would really, really appreciate any advice. I'll try and keep it short, I promise. I have recently moved into a new house and as a result, my wife and I bought ourselves a new TV from AO.com. BIt cost £750. In short, it's rubbish - it's slow, it feels and looks cheap, and the optical output doesn't work which is a term which means to me: no sound out of our soundbar. I called AO this morning to arrange a return, and have been told they don't accept returns (despite this being plastered all over their website) unless the item is faulty, and that they will accept taking it back, but will only refund 55% of what I paid as it is now 'used'. Surely this is illegal? I have been advised to look at the Consumer Rights legislation, which I have done, and am awaiting a call back with some advice from Trading Standards but as you can imagine, we're ever so keen for any sort of additional help and someone suggested I come here and try. Thank you so much in advance!
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