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  1. Hi guys, Just an update. I have received another letter from DR+. Please see attached letter. parking charge notice.pdf
  2. Thanks will keep you updated when I get a response.
  3. Thanks for that Dx but what should I do now as they have threatened court.
  4. I have received another letter from this DRP threatening to take me to court if I don't pay the £149.I did send a letter from one of the templates provided on this forum but they have chosen to ignore the letter. Please read attached letter from them tr.pdf
  5. I received a letter from Debt recovery plus in regards to the above PCN and expecting me to pay £149. Attached is the letter. Please what can I do now.
  6. Yes they got my details from DVLA and sent me the PCN.
  7. I have received a correspondence from this people. Please see the attached letter. I need advise from you.Thanks UKCPM.pdf
  8. Thanks. Will keep you updated.
  9. Thanks for that but do I just ignore them or argue the fact that the driver is abroad. Bit confused now.
  10. Hi, Please help me I received a parking charge Notice from CPM I sent back a transfer of liability to them(with name and address of the driver at the time) as I was not the driver at the time the contravene occurred I have received a letter from CPM stating that they are unable to process the transfer of liability as they have not been supplied with serviceable address The driver lives abroad. What do I do please.
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