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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi Thanks for advice, not got access to details of exact payments at moment but i know roughly what they are, i pay £170 a month to payplan. Cabot gets £63 mbna sold 4 accounts Capital 1 £17 c/card DLC £19 direct legal+ collections Hbos £ 6 overdrawn bank acc RBS £ 9 c/card Tesco loan £33 pers loan Link £12 c/c coop sold on p/plan £10 insurance payment . Re some answers i got back, what i am worried about is the fact i own my own home/car and payplan say i could be made to sell them to pay off my debts
  3. Hi I have listed my debts and to who in question 3. what do you mean not unenforceable? they were unsecured credit card purchases and a unsecured personal loan apart from a 2k overdraft bank account, is the listed creditor names i mention in q3 sufficient to who/what i owe for you to help, and can you explain how i check to see if debts are enforceable please. as i don't know what i need to do by this, as i said all my debts are unsecured c/cards and a personal loan, if this helps my case.. thanks for any help you can give on this
  4. Hi all, I am looking for some advice in the best way to proceed with my debt problem, I started a DMP with Payplan in 2009 with unsecured debts of over £65k in total from various credit cards over a 10+ year period before 2009 inc a £20k unsecured personal loan of about 5 years paid, I had made regular payments without missing a payment to all, but could no longer afford payments after c/c companies kept upping the interest rates, and stopping 0% balance transfer rates etc then i lost my job in the crash, I have paid Payplan and not missed a payment
  5. ......Oh, and any takers for advising a sensible email address to use for this (hotpoint address of course)?
  6. It's £32 so not huge value but there's much more value in the oven that is now rendered useless, £500! Thanks for the advice by the way.
  7. Thanks I paid with visa debit, can I still do as you suggest? Is there a time limit? It's now been almost 14 days since transaction was completed.
  8. Hi all Not sure which sub category this should go in so here I am in the general retail area. I bought a replacement seal for my oven door. This was direct via the Hotpoint spare parts department, bought over the phone. I gave the oven model number to the operator who advised the correct part and took payment. On receipt of the item I've found that it is very similar to the original part (but not the same) but does not fit the oven. I've called Hotpoint four times to try and resolve the issue, they are excruciatingly difficult to deal with. They are r
  9. just to recap, are you saying that if i did not pay a f+f now, and just kept paying my dmp for another 3 years when the defaults drop off my cra file, i wont be liable for any more payments, as the debt also stops, or do i still have to keep paying the debt until cleared, it is just the default comes off my record.
  10. just to update my last post, and ask for more clarification advice, a creditor has come back with acceptance of my f+f offer, and has said it will mark my cra with a update to reflect a partial settlement was accepted on this account, is this ok , as it also says no further action will be taken in respect of the remaining balance, all my accounts have been on a dmp for 3 years since they entered into default in 2009, are there any benifits to me in paying this debt off now, over just paying my agreed amount for the next 3 years , when all the debts fall off my cra
  11. no i have not recieved all that you list from any that i requested cca from, some just sent a copy of a agreement of the time when card was taken out , not signed etc, some a signed copy of the terms/agreement when the card was taken out, but none have sent statements from the time of signing or at the time of default, most cards were taken out before 2007, and all went into default in/ around 2009.when i started with a dmp. can dca or original lender turn up with the cca paperwork after the 12+2 days time deadline? of a cca request to make a account enforcab
  12. I am looking for some advice please, i am on a dmp with payplan which i started 3 years ago, all my debts are unsecured credit card debts, i cca'd my account holders with my £1 postal orders last feb after reading about this from the forum, some of which are now debt collection agencies, as my original lenders have sold the debts on to them, what i wanted to know is the ones that have come back and said that the original lenders have not been able to supply the paperwork when asked for it, can they turn up with the paper work some 6 months later to make the accoun
  13. Thanks for the replies, why move to another dmp with someone else, what would i gain, all debts are about 3 years old, there are 4 companies from about 10, at this moment in time that cannot find the cca paperwork, 3 with dca, 1 with original lender (coop), who only registered late payment on my file. As i asked previously , what if i don't pay because of no paper work what can they do, as i have admitted liability to the debts, do all debts finish after 6 years paid off or not when the defaults come off in another 3 years.
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