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  1. Hi Slick Just wanted to re-iterate my points to them, but have de-waffled Dear Ashbourne Management, I would like to resolve this issue and I acknowledge I owe 1 months membership fee (your notice period) for each of the 2 accounts, my child's and my own. Notice to cancel was served to yourselves and [gym] in May for reasons already detailed. I am willing to pay 1 month's membership fee to finalise this matter but I do not recognise your penalty charges and will not be paying these. This offer to pay £70.00 (2 x £35) is valid for 14 days and I require
  2. Hi Slick, Finally got round to writing this, thanks for the template above. What do you think? Thoughts would be welcome. IF they don't go for this, what other options do I have Thanks Dear Ashbourne Management, I haven't recieved any sort of reply from my last email of the 17th June questioning your handling and decision on my complaint. Despite asking several times, I have not seen a copy of your complaints procedure, or any detail as to why you are rejcting my complaint (or even acknowledging it) However, I would like to resolve this
  3. Hi Slick - thanks for the reply. See your point re: cancellation method and while I'd rather pay nothing, I agree that I probably do owe the final payment for my child (£35) However, re: my own membership, I feel I have a relevant complaint, that hasn't been satisfactorily answered and as such I feel that I should pay a months notice (£35) and not the 3 months that I owe overall (£105) Not overly comfortable sharing my comms to them word for word as this is an open forum, but happy to share over PM or other private methods. What chance do you think I would have of using the
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply - answers as below Yours son's m/ship - Did you pay this until the 6 months minimum period was over. No, I paid 5 of the 6 months. Your own m/ship 1. Are you saying you tried to attend your own classes AND those that YS was no longer using. Yes, the gym wouldnt let me stop paying for my child so I decided to use the money (or at least try to) with a second lesson each week 2. When did you write the email to the gym and AMSL saying they were in breach and you were cancelling. Both were emailed on the 27th May
  5. Hi, first time poster here - found this site through searching if others had the same issue as me. Will try to be as concise as possible, but happy to elaborate if this will be useful. My child joined a gym to learn Karate in November 15 and after an initial session, we signed up on a 6 month contract @ £35. This was organised and managed by Ashbourne Management. I then decided to join in January 16 to learn MMA - also on a 6 month contract. Due to working too much, I struggled to make my lesson each week, but kept going when I could. It must be noted the gym didn't pull me
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