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  1. I have had nothing about the hearing, only the actual notice. But on it it says the earlierst time there will be a court date is feb 12th? I don't see how the housing association could say that as surely its going to be up to the court to decide any hearing date. Its all confusing me so much to be honest. I don't understand why they are being like this, I know I should never have got into arrears, but I never would have done if not for this PIP thing, and the housing association do know this too. I am really trying to clear this but with our income as it is its just impossible to do it all in one go which seems to be what the new housing association want us to do. One of the advisors suggested I take out a payday loan to clear it, but my credit rating is not good and I cannot get a payday loan with me not being able to work anyway..and if I did get a payday loan, then I would be unable to pay that back either. So as long as I do keep up payments, a judge is not going to kick us out? I really am hoping that whenever a hearing is, it is a few months in the future (though the feb 12th date is worrying me) as I should hopefully have had my PIP hearing by then and if I have then the first thing I will be doing is clearing the arrears, and also putting some 'credit' onto my account just incase anything happens in the future, so if I cannot make payments for whatever reason, I am already ahead.
  2. Hi. I have recently fallen into rent arrears with my housing association I have a long term tenancy, have been here since 2010. I have a long term illness that has got progressively worse and in the past 2 years, I have been totally disabled. Without going into a load of irrelevant details, I spend am average of 18 hours everyday in a lot of pain, and have been hospitalized more times than I can count. I have recently been told I will never get any better as the bulk of the pain is because of scar tissue from a series of operations in a short space of time. Our rent payments made have been quite erratic, in all honesty for a while now due to being very low income and prioritising food and heating over rent, as we knew we could catch up on the rent at a later date. We always did catch up in maybe a couple of months. We have had housing benefit for a while also, so even when we fell behind, it was not actually by much. However, with my illness getting worse and (7 months back now) the DWP curing me of my illness (I am appealing and my consultant says I should absolutely win and most likely go from standard to higher ontop of this, and get everything backdated) and removing a large chunk of our income, things have not been so great. Our housing association just switched hands a couple of months ago, and almost immediately I was threatened with a notice of seeking posession. At the time I owed 200 pounds in total in arrears. I missed one payment recently and was planning on making it up the next ESA payment, but I received a notice seeking posession a week after this. Since then I have kept making payments and still plan to, but this is quite scary as we have nowhere we could go if we were evicted. My questions are 1. From looking around on the internet, apparently I have to owe 2 months rent before a notice can be issued. I do not owe 2 months rent. 2. Is housing benefit supposed to be taken into account for this? I owe £160 in arrears (I confirmed this with an adviser, got her to take off HB owed. I also worked it out myself from previous bank statements crossed with recent rent statement), however the letter I recieved said I owe £360. This is likely because the housing benefit owed has not been calculated. The 2 months rent, would this be the 2 months worth of topup I am meant to pay? Which would make the total I am supposed to owe to make it 8 weeks £200. Or is it meant to be 2 months total rent, which would make the total I was supposed to owe £800 Or is the 2 month figure false altogether? If the 2 month figure is correct, then I do not owe enough for this action surely? If it is only supposed to be the topup I pay that counts for this, then the housing benefit owed should be taken off the total they are saying I owe, so it would be £160, not the £200 it would be of it was 8 weeks behind.. I suspect by the time I appear in court, there won't actually be any arrears at all, or they will be extremely low (people I have spoke to say that these are already extremely low at £160, but I mean low as in under 100). Or if I have had my tribunal and have had the backdated PIP then I will actually be way in credit on my rent account. Will any of this make a difference? And what actually are the chances of a judge evicting us? I hope this message makes sense, I am a little emotional right now.
  3. I cannot view the claim online as the automated answermachine tells me to as I do not have a password. I have previously asked for proof I owe this 'debt' as I know fine well I don't. No answer despite recorded postage..and now this out of nowhere. Didn't even know they were taking me to court, first I knew of it was the judgement saying I have to pay it as I didn't answer a claim form that I never received. I would have thought though, that a court would ask for proof before issuing a judgement?
  4. The number on the letter from the court. Northampton county court business center
  5. OK think I'm going to have to write a letter to them, I tried twice yesterday to press hash through the computer generated menus, it leads you to a 'hold' type thing but with no message to actually clarify you are on hold, just music. I waited for an hour yesterday morning with no answer. An hour 20 mins yesterday afternoon. And a further hour this morning with no answer, so I suspect the phones aren't actually manned...
  6. Thank you. Do you think I should make the first payment anyway given its due next week?
  7. I couldn't speak to an actual person when I rang the court, it was all..press 1 if you have received a ccj notice and such the options I needed put me through to a machine which told me to go online and pay 50 quid to pay less per month or pay 275 to have the decision set aside. went through a variety of different options, all ended with a machine giving a message. Always to go online to moneyclain.gov.uk to do whatever. I can't even view it on there as you need a password, whereas the letter I have only has a case number. There is no lowell or shopdirect account on my credit report.
  8. I don't know when they are claiming it was taken out or ANY details about it. I have sent lowells 3 of those CCA templates and never had a reply. I sent then something similar but in my own words before I discovered templates were available on the internet, still no reply.. One of the debt letters they have sent me mentioned shop direct and thats how I know thats who they are trying to collect for. The letter I have from the county court says nothing at all besides the debt is 514.26. 50 per month. First payment to be made by 9th july. Payment to be made to Cohen Cramer Solicitors who are acting on behalf of Lowell Portfolio Ltd.
  9. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, from the options it seemed the most likely but if its not meant to be here can someone move it please? Lowell have been chasing me for some debt for quite a while. 4 times I have requested proof that I actually owe the debt. All I have ever had back is that the original creditor was 'shop direct' which is apparently littlewoods. I have never had a catalogue account ever, as such I have been ignoring the letters they sent after it became clear they were not going to supply me with any proof I owed it (as it cannot exist) I wrote it off as them just trying to get random money off me. Only catalogue type product I have ever had is a sofa from brighthouse, which is now settled. last week I get a letter through from 'county court business centre'. judgement for claimant (in default). They have ordered me to pay 514 quid in one go, or 50 pounds a month til its gone. I am not currently working due to health issues and I cannot pay this amount. I do not think I should even have to pay it as I do not agree I even owe the debt and lowell have never despite being asked, provided me with ANYTHING that says I do actually owe anything. I did not receive any claim form through the post about this..courtcase (?) or I would have defended myself. I today called the court but I can only speak to a machine which tells me I can have the judgement set aside if I pay 275 pound, or I can negotiate lower monthly payments if I make a payment of 50 pounds to the court. Are these my only options?! I find it massively unfair that they have taken me to court over a debt they know fine well is in dispute. As I understand it the court decided in favour of the company if I dont answer the claim form, but I didn't even receive one...ugh. Please tell me I have more options than paying up and shutting up? I have recently finished a payment plan that sorts out ALL previous debts I had and now I have this to deal with about a debt I don't even owe
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