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  1. Hello, Firstly a big thank you to the contributors, having read many of the DW / ARC complaints on here I have managed to get Major Law Solicitors off my back and DW Fitness have agreed to close my account with no further action IF I can send proof of the phone calls. The trouble is the phone calls were made in my parents house down south of which I have no access to the phone records and would struggle to as they live abroad 6 months of the year. I remember making a couple of phone calls that didn't go through on my mobile but later than the date my letter said. I am obliged to prove I rang several times and couldn't get through? During the period I check their twitter account and 90% of the tweets to them were all of people complaining they couldn't get through on the cancellation line - DW are WELL aware of this issue (hence they've changed their policy recently) Here's the email I received in reply to my letter. Thank you! "I am writing in response to your letter received by DW Sports Fitness Head Office, 23rd June 2016. After reading your letter, I can only apologise if you have unable to contact membership services to cancel your membership. Going forward if you are able to provide your call history showing calls taking place in February I can look at closing your account down with no further action. Unfortunately there is no record of a letter being received dated 29th February so I cannot back date your cancellation to this point. If the letter was sent recorded delivery please provide the reference number and I can have this looked into."
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